TeaJoy - ERP

SS14 account username: TeaJoy
Ban reason: “No ERP, zero tolerance”
Date of ban: 08.02.2023
Length of ban: Permanent i think
Events leading to the ban: I was faxing “can i put my balls in yo jaws” as captain and some admin told me that erp is forbidden and all and then banned me. I kinda dont think that meming is a proper reason to ban someone forever, but i will definitely never do it again if you unban me

This ban makes your third since November. You appear to have a frequent habit of “meming” which usually involves breaking the rules or being an annoyance. You are generally dismissive when admins intervene into your behavior. Just to demonstrate your dismissiveness and your habit of being a frequent issue, this let me find some good instances of the relay:

Caught metagaming as the HoS and arresting people for minor/no reason or not giving people any actual charges. Dismissive to administrator, you appear to think you were correct the entire time.


Blatantly assisting nuclear operatives as the crew:


Using ghost roles to metagame and point out your killer:

Caught dismantling substations for no reason by security:

The object of this offense, where you are sending useless faxes with sexual content or themes, then telling us it should be okay because its an LRP server:



If this were standing on the current offense alone I think this would be easier to decide on. Standing on everything I found just in the relay I think we will have a harder time knowing you will “definitely never do it again”

This is the third ban since november, yes. The first one was a simple role ban from hos, which happened a long time ago and I wasn’t really very experienced back then, didn’t know I couldn’t remove syndicate PDA, for example. The second ban was 3 day and I really regret what I did. I kinda didn’t think of the consequences and thought like “If i helped nukies, then I must be a bad guy now”.  I’m not proud of this and as you can see I wasn’t arguing with the admin. About “Dismantling the substation”, well, i wasn’t even getting banned, I got perma’d, even though the story was that i decon’d it, some guy told secoff, I ran firstly, but then returned to fix it, the officer followed me and as I was trying to fix it he arrested me and said that I’m going in perma, which was really weird since I didn’t even kill anyone, so I asked admin. As for the third ban, I used the term “lrp server” because I thought the admin didn’t like the fact that I faxed bad words to various departments being a captain. Then I understood what they meant about it and this one I really think was a misunderstanding of some sort. This is the first time I’m getting banned for ERP, and I never knew that sending such memes is considered ERP. I was arguing with the admin because I tried to prove my point, but they banned me the second after his last message. I’m not trying to make them guilty though, just saying.  As for “I’ll never do it again”, I said it honestly, because I really won’t send any more memes like this if I get unbanned. I can learn on my mistakes. I never, uh, relapsed the same rule or uh however you say it. Sorry and thank you.

I missed the metagaming part. I know I’m guilty too and I wasn’t arguing with the admin, and I’m grateful the admin forgave me.

Your only other actual ban was in regards to taking space drugs and using that as an IC excuse to go on a rampage, just for clarity. We will come to a decision internally.

I didn’t remember that, but that sounds like cringe too, I regret doing it

Administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. We do not appreciate the manner in which you conduct yourself in the admin help relay, especially in this instance. Appeal again in two weeks (Feb 25, 2023).

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