ThatPerson - Rolebanned from command roles after following crew's majority vote in arming the nuke in Detroit

Role(s): [Command Roles (and maybe Intern roles, some reason I can’t play them)]
Length of ban: [Appeal-only]
Events leading to the ban: [It was a Barrartry shift, I was the captain. Someone asked to arm the nuke so I did a vote, and majority said yes. I faxxed CentComm that the majority of the crew has voted to nuke the station. I then unanchored the nuke, out of the vault and placed it inside bridge, and proceeded to spam a bunch of numbers just to roleplay trying to arm it.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Its bogus, wasn’t even intending to nuke it for real. It was basically just a gimmick to make the crew anticipate the nuclear fallout and spice things up in a Detroit shift. Even if I did arm it, it would’ve been 1 out of the 1,023+ possible combinations for the numbers 0-9, an unlikely probability. Even if we did arm it, we would’ve probably disarmed it (and knowing myself, probably saved the code then announcing the code to the crew). So nuking the station by spamming numbers would’ve been unlikely or near impossible, plus I wasn’t intending to actually arm it knowing that it would’ve taken the whole shift to actually make it possible - I eventually got tired and went to bar. I did remember announcing/telling a command member that I’ll be going SSD in the conference room in bridge. I’ve also asked people, I didn’t even want to do this appeal because I don’t play command that much anyways but some people said that I should appeal it because it was “bs”. I will definitely not do jokes about arming the nuke anymore after this, so much for a gimmick.]

Denying this appeal on the basis that you seem to be saying that you don’t want to appeal and are only appealing because others told you to. I’m not going to waste admins’ time by having them consider an appeal that the player doesn’t seem to care about appealing. You have a lot of notes for command related issues, so this role ban doesn’t seem to be bs, even if you never had any intention to arm the nuke and even if you would probably have disarmed it had you somehow armed it. Feel free to make another appeal whenever, if ever, you’re actually interested in having the role bans removed.

You’re not role banned from interns, you just can’t play interns after you’ve played more than a certain amount of time in their department

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