The bar incident of 2022 colorized (chapter 2)

  1. SS14 account username: big_jhonny 
  2.   ban reason: wrote “sex” on the bar floor via crayons
  3. Date of ban: im not exactly sure buts its around the 17th-20th of december 2022
  4. Length of ban: this ban is appeal only
  5. Reason the ban should be removed: its been around 40 days i feel like thats enough to make me not wanna do anything like this ever again i really liked the game and its community im sorry for breaking the rules i didnt read them carefully next time ill make sure to read them very carefully i hope to be able to access the server again

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

Let me make it perfectly clear; the next ban that results in an appeal ban will require a voucher of good behavior from another server and will be unappealable for a minimum of six months. I strongly suggest you are very familiar with the rules if you wish to continue playing. This ban will be lifted.

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