TheBestNerd - Banned for killing a clown as a chaplain

SS14 account username: TheBestNerd

Ban reason: RDM (Killing a clown as a chaplain)

Date of ban: 06/25/2023

Length of ban: Roughly one day

Events leading to the ban: I as the chaplain beat a clown to death with my bat familiar and some other individuals after they spent some time harassing us, under the roleplay notion that the clown was against us for harassing us, and that the bat needed to feed. Additionally, due to in-game activities, I was having a hard time speaking with the current admin past simply saying “Bat needed sustenance,” so I was unable to properly explain my reasons in the moment.

Reason the ban should be removed: The combination of both not being able to fully type out to explain myself in the moment and hearing from the bat familiar’s player that they were not banned for the same activities leads me to believe that this ban should not have occurred - I understand how what I did was hindering the fun of the clown in the long run, but I personally feel that given the thing with the bat, maybe I should have also only received a warning? I guess it doesn’t matter that much in the long run because it’s going to be lifted in a day but I like to be able to play on the official servers again before the weekend’s over.

Did the bat’s player know you weren’t an antag?

Think so. It’s my knowledge that they’re somewhat new, and still getting a feel for the whole thing, so while I’m not sure the distinction of antag role versus non-antag role wasn’t a thing that they were really thinking about, I do believe that they understood that I was more or less just a civilian with clearance to the chaplain’s room.

For extra clarification, I believe they believed the hostilities were warranted due to the clown harassing us. I should probably know better at this point but I let myself get way too into the vibe of weird cultists.

This ban has expired and I will be closing this appeal for that reason.

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