Thebetterbutter - "self antag previous warning"

Ban reason: Self-antaging despite a previous warning
Length of ban: Unknown, supposedly on appeal?
Events leading to the ban: Unknown, I was not online at the time of the ban. I logged on today not being able to join a Wizard Den server for this reason.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have been previously warned for self-antaging and have stopped since. This ban’s reason is unknown to me and I would like at least an explanation. Last time I was online 19th January 2024, around 5:00 PM and I had done a full session. I’ve only learned of the fact that I am banned 20th January 2024, at 6:30 PM. I am the only user on this computer.




Alright. It has come to my knowledge that my brother has been banned for self-antaging, the ban probably applies to me as well, we are on the same wifi. He did not read the rules at all, therefore he gibbed someone for no reason on leviathan. Very sorry to that someone. He will appeal on his own terms. My account, however, didn’t do anything. I’m asking for the lift of my ban only, not his, as I did not partake in any way to this action.
He couldn’t exactly recall when he was banned, but it was apparently 21st january, this morning. However, this doesn’t coincide when i first learned of my ban, 20th Janurary, 8:30PM. Moreover, he tends to play on Leviathan, and I play on Salamander (he isn’t whitelisted either).

I have looked thought the connections and have added an exception for you, as you said your brother will have to appeal them self but you should now be able to access the servers again.
Appeal accepted.

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