TheNatLaGuy (thebrazilianguy0 on discord) - Trying to eat the gravity generator on the emergency evac shuttle as Hamlet, getting an admin DM to don't do that anymore, gaslighting her and get banned

Ban reason: Expressed an intent to not follow admin instructions in ahelp.
Length of ban: Indefinite (No timer on the message)
Events leading to the ban: After dying to a nukie attack on medbay, i decided to play as Hamlet and cause some chaos since all of sec and captain looked like they were dead. After going around finding food not to starve, the evac shuttle arrived and i got on board. After driking the booze at the bar, i decided to find a place to hide. Got to the room with the grav. generator and decided to do mischief since i was still starving. I tried to bite the generator but to no avail. After docking and the round was starting to restart, i got a message on ahelp to “Please dont eat the gravity generator anymore hamlet”. Since she was refering to me as Hamlet then, and not by username, i decided to joke and stay in character, saying “You aren’t my mom” on the DM back. She probs got surprised by the boldness since she replied “I…[”. Man did i had a good laugh at this. Anyway, another Admin came to the DM to say that wasn’t very nice. I gaslighted them further with 1984 jokes and they propraprely banned me.
Reason the ban should be removed: I admit that i took it to far and did read about not RPing inside ahelp, but i simply coudn’t pass the opportunity. I’m sorry if i offended the admin in anyway that it could have been interpreted. It was supposed to be a joke.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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