Thepoisonedlocust - Using/carrying contraband as a command member


Role(s): All command/security roles

Length of ban: Appeal only

Events leading to the ban: Well, i had quite a history with contraband in my early days as a command/sec member. Most common one was using emags on clown drobes/chemdispenser/etc as a command/sec member. I used contra a considerable amount of times in my early times and after getting a warning in ahelp i stopped for a while. Then, after quite a long time without any breakings of this rule i got an emag as the captain on one round. Borgs were emagged by someone else and i didn’t really know (or didnt really think of) that you can rebuild their bodies for have to get their laws changed, so i decided to keep it to emag them “back” and never really had a chance to do it. From the text of the ahelp as i remember it, the admin didnt even know that until i confessed. I did however use the emag on the sustainance vendo in the perma, because i remembered that it gives something and just wanted to refresh my memory. At the end of the round i got the ahelp and a command roleban for 5 days. There wasnt a sec roleban, so i played sec sometimes. Like on the 3/4th day of the ban i was playing detective and ran across syndie cigs (if i remember correctly from a slurpus at sec). I snatched them to use in the material reclaimer and then forgot about them completely until i got the message in ahelp. So i went into a dorm room, messaged in the ahelp and after i was told that i couldnt carry them on me, i have foolishly thrown them away in that very dorm room. Later in the round i got a week ban or something like that. After the end of my actual ban, i found out that my roleban as command (and sec too) hasnt disappeared so after a while i asked Skarlet in an ahelp if its an appeal only one, and so here i am.

Reason the ban should be removed: While i still majorly disagree with contraband rules, especially the ones about letting crew keep it as command/sec, i believe that active usage of contraband (syndie weapons etc) is unfair during traitor rounds, all i wanted to say here, is that i’ve never caused any major annoyances to anyone, as this is the thing i usually think of first. I may have used that fact to “forgive myself the sin” of using the contra, and even though i still disagree with it, i now totally understand that some admins take it more seriously than i do, and that i have no choice but to comply. A lot of people in this community know me (at least i hope they do) not only as a tider with funny/unfunny gimmicks, but as an understanding and trying to resolve matters peacefully security officer etc etc. I want to get back to command/security roles because sometimes i often have an urge to play them and let people have positive experience with command/sec members and not just misters we’rethelawhere. 

P.S. My sincerest apologies for any grammar mistakes, im not a native speaker.

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote and we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban to 3 weeks.
The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Repeated violations of the same rules.
    Appeal accepted role ban will now end on the 8th of February 2024 (08/02/2024)

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