ThePope_IsTaken Ban Appeal

SS14 account: ThePope_IsTaken
Character name: Flip (I believe) but was a booze-o-(something) ghost role
When was the ban: ~17 hours ago
Your side of the story: I respawned as a vending machine as a ghost role and it instantly my brain went into sh*tpost mode and was having a good time and eventually I saw a dark skinned male and used the soft N word to say hello to him 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I understand what I did was wrong and it won’t happen again I wasn’t sure if saying that would be bad enough
otherwise I am a good bartender and geneticist playing on many servers in Space Station 13 for a few years and was trying to learn chef in ss14
Anything else we should know: Poor judgement on my part I take full responsibility and will accept lesser bans if felt needed i need more self control in the future

Is it really that bad? all I did was not read the rules close enough I take full responsibility for this if I was just a troll I wouldn’t care and just left I had fun playing this game I miss it only got to play like two days.

We are discussing this at the moment, just bear with us. Appeal decisions aren’t made from just one admin. 


Just so you are aware, we have a zero tolerance policy for racist/sexist slurs. With that being said, we decided to unban you, just be very cautious on your wording in the future.

Appeal Accepted

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