TheTea - Other language

SS14 account username: TheTea

Ban reason: Other language

Date of ban: 15/02/2023

Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: So, let’s start of that i am not a bad person, just a bad joker. After a few months, like 5 or so, on a russian/ucrainian servers we’re nothing interesting at all. Their comunity was too toxic, or sometimes not interesting for me. Tired of that, i decided to open new horizons or society. Also, what led me to this decision, was to keep my english level clear, in a interesting game. I needed that for my curent job in, as an translator. And so, within 5 minutes on the server, i guess, administrator Moony,   gave me a permanent ban for non english content

Reason the ban should be removed: im   not a bad person, i’m really not, i didn’t intend to carry out any sinister plans, and have pretty much good english. I’ll re-read the rules, and i bet you, this will not happend again



Let me make this clear:

If an administrator clearly tells everyone in the server “this is an English server, ahelp users using other languages” and you proceed to explicitly call them out with a phrase in Russian, it will result in your removal. We will not hesitate to ban users who are clearly out to test the rules.

We will accept this appeal at this time. Do not let it happen again.

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