Thomasasia ban appeal

Original ban appeal


SS14 account: Thomasasia

Character name: I do not remember (I change it often)

When was the ban: Around the 16th or 17th of March

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I was banned because I was pretending not to like short people. This was meant to be a joke, and my behavior was reinforced when everyone I interacted with thought it was funny. I even made friends with another character, who pretended not to be a dwarf so that my character would respect him. The admin who banned me explained that I was being racist against dwarfs.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I didn’t think that pretending not to respect short people counted as racism, so i didn’t know that it was against the rules. I was never warned about it, I was simply and immediately banned.

I would never really be prejudiced against anyone. Not on the basis of religion, race, sexuality, or the abilities of a person. I think it’s very important to temper our behavior online to make it a welcoming place for everyone, and I really do understand and appreciate the enthusiasm of the moderation staff in this matter.

To this end, I will not make any remarks about short people, and I will strive to adhere to the fullest interpretation of the rules. Let’s join in arms and make this community a greater place.

Side note : I attempted to connect to the server with an alternate account to test the implemented SS14 ban evasion measures. I knew my actions would be visible, and I was not trying to deceive anyone. I didn’t realize it was against the rules, though I now I understand that my actions were unacceptable.

As a result of this ban, I have been paying more attention to by conduct in video games recently, as I genuinely do not want people to feel unwelcome or discriminated against. In general, this leads to a better experience for everyone, including myself, and increases social cohesion during urgent or intense game-play moments. I have also been involved in an increased number of social outreaches (though unrelated to my ban experience, it has contributed to giving me a more empathetic outlook).

Given that SS14 is an inherently social game, it makes both moral and practical sense to make our community as welcoming and open as possible. If i am unbanned, I will ensure this culture is nurtured and fully present, and I will not contribute towards toxicity and exclusion in any form. I will also work with the admins through the admin-help by reporting instances of toxic and exclusive behavior.

Also, I tried to connect to the server today, because the ban message has a link to this forum! That was not a ban evasion attempt :upside_down_face:

It is if you tried to do it on the account that wasn’t initially banned.

Denied. Re-appeal in a week.

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