Thomasasia - Ban escalated to voucher appeal-only due to repeat ban policy, attemptyed evasion, and admin discretion

SS14 account: Thomasasia
Character name: Gorge Washton
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 7/21/2022 (original ban), permanent
Reason for Ban:

Original Ban Appeal

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard


Why you think you should be unbanned:

I have a few things to say. Seeing as how my ban was escalated from 3 days to 6 months without a chance at communication, I’m hoping we can have a dialog now.

First of all, I would like to address the reason for my original ban. Stealth16 posted several images of things I have said, and this is being taken out of context. Stealth also did not wish to talk about it, as it was just a 3 day ban at the time. A lot of those quotes were from when I was messing around in ghost chat with some guy, as we were both killed by the same T, and we were salty because the QM watched it happen both times (lol). We were vibing, and I don’t think with this added context, there were no misdeeds in those particular examples. In other times, I was simply dealing with grey tide, or most often trying to make things interesting for other people when I play as bartender. Admittedly, there were times where I used such language with the normal denizens of the server, just being cheeky and fun with them, not realizing that I was committing a bannable offense.

Also, I would like to say that even though I received a ban for my language and behavior, I received no warning about this. If I was warned by an admin that I wasn’t acting in accordance to the rules, then I would have immediately stopped.

For these reasons, I do not think my initial banning is fair.


As for the extension to the ban, Mirrorcult made the following post:


Due to our repeat banning policy (no further lenience after an appeal ban is accepted), your previous appeal ban involving evasion, and the fact that it seems you are unable to understand why any of these bans were given, this is being escalated to a permanent ban.

Re-appeal in 6 months only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

First of all, I have not repeated any of the offenses from the previous ban, and the reason why I don’t understand the reasons behind my current ban is the fact that they were never communicated to me, nor did I have a chance to clear misconceptions or misunderstandings. Again, if an admin had warned me that I should stop making dick jokes, or anything else, then I would have immediately and permanently stopped. As evidence of this, I was warned early on about using language such as “retarded”. After I was told this, never said it again after that (excepting one time where I did it by accident, immediately apologized, and told everyone surrounding me that I was referring to myself).

Second, as I explained in the mentioned appeal concerning ban evasion, I did not ban evade. I was trying to learn about how ss14 handles ban evasion, because it did not contain detailed information about it on the GitHub. I did not, and still do not, have any intention nor desire to interact with this community as anything less than a fully legitimate member. I know how I would go about ban evading, because I understand the principles of it as I understood the principles of ban tracking in SS13, but as that was not my intention I did no such thing. I do not want to inspire or instruct any lurkers on this, so I am keeping it vague and brief. We can chat in discord if you want to explore this subject further.

I ask you to converse with me. This ban is born largely from a mix of misconception and a lack of communication.

There is not another chance for communication. The ban reason is extremely clear as to why this was escalated. Due to your refusal to accept the terms of your unban, this ban will be made permanent with no chance for appeal. Further attempts to communicate with admins on this matter including through the forums or Discord will be met with a community ban.

For the record, your denied appeal at /tg/ and attempt to curry favor with them by claiming we would vouch for you did contribute to the admin decision to escalate the ban.

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