Throwing Grenades in Emergency Shuttle as Non-Antag

SS14 Account : Mr_Talke
Character Name : Talke, Chaotic Man
Type of Ban : Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration : 7/30/2022, Perma Ban
Reason of Ban : Non-Antag Bombing of Emergency Shuttle with Lethal Grenades
Server you were Playing on When Banned : Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your Side of your Story : While i was Preparing for the Shuttle, i made two Lethal Grenades that had Unstable Mutagen, later on, the Shuttle arrived. preparing to throw out the grenades, and then threw these saying “NAAAAAADES!”
Why you think you should be Unbanned : The ban was fair, but i may bring a small or big value to the community, i just wanna have fun in Space Station 14, what else? call me an clown.
Anything else we should Know : Just made it simple enough so you dont wanna waste your time reading words, and words.

And i deeply apologize for my actions, forgive me.

Hi, admin who handled your ban here.

I cannot rule on this since I handed out the ban, but for context:

On 07/27/2022, another admin had already conversed with you in regards to using chemical grenades to cause damage as a non-antagonist and let you off with a warning since you didn’t manage to kill anyone. For reference, here is that ahelp exchange:


I find it noteworthy here that you reply with “why, it’s all chaos” in response to concern that you are breaking the rules and griefing as a non-antag. Just based on this alone and for your disconnection, I appeal banned after knowing you had been toying with lethal smoke grenades all round in a testing environment but apparently could not resist the temptation of using one on a packed emergency shuttle and then immediately leaving when other players took notice of you and contacted the admins.

This is a consistent pattern of behavior with you. For brevity’s sake I will not include logs of every conversation but I can if need be.

On 07/25/22, I talked to you about using the name “MAN OF 7 SHINGLES” which was clearly not appropriate and you knew better judging by your playtime. You claimed after some discussion that you “Do troubles for funny” and I had to reiterate to you to not repeat this behavior.

On 07/06/22, an admin confronted you about giving a clown All Access as captain. You became confrontational and the only reason you ended up supplying was “I just wanna have fun”, clearly not thinking of the implications of the Captain handing out free access to random crew. You were rolebanned from command at this time.

Also on 07/06/22, an admin confronted you about shooting your own security officers as the Captain. You claimed you wanted to get the clown’s PDA back and clearly over-escalated the situation. You ended this conversation by saying, “Fine, I will never do it ever again (totally)”.


I find this pattern of blatant rule-bending or blatant rule-breaking tiring, especially after being explicitly told to not damage the station or people with grenades three days prior and then doing it anyways. You are acknowledging what you did was wrong but you are not making any indication you want to change your behavior since you just want to “have fun”; even if it is at the expense of other players.

Another admin can rule on this appeal as they see fit.




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