Timid Jak. banned for overescalation (2nd appeal)

-SS14 account username: Toastinator

-Ban reason: overescalation with multiple previous instanaces and 2 prior bans in 6 months.

-date of ban: I forgot sorry

-length of ban: appeal ban only

-events leading to the ban: I was salvaging in kettle when the second qm asked us who wants to be the third qm. i said sure. and i go to the hop to get be the quarter-half master. otw the hop i happen to see the mime blocking the way to hop by invsible walling the windoor to hop. me being impatient. decided to slash him with my survival knife and give a chance to run which he didnt, and i forgot if he went into critical or not but when i was in prision he said to have died. on CE’s side. if i recall he said that i shouldve said a verbal warning for him to move first (which i forgot to do) and i should give more time on the slashing to make him rethink and go away. 

Reason the ban should be removed: it was my mistake that i didnt give the mime a warning to move away and give little delays to make him move. ive learnt my lesson and played in nyano and got whitlist if that matter? ive heard it did. its been a month since then. so by now ive learnt my lesson. that is all. merry chrismas and a happy new year, cheers

oops i forgot to mention that the mime blocked hop for quiet awhile. thats also being another reason why i hit him

Given your long and consistent history here you might understand we have some hesitancy surrounding your return.

If you have been playing well on Nyanotrasen, a voucher from them would significantly increase your credibility.

i completely understand why you all have some hesitance. 

define “playing well on nyanotrasen” and i dont know them too well as they have many admins and ive been playing less than a month in their server

sneezing cat.jpg

You were banned less than two weeks ago from nyanotrasen. You are out of good faith.

Get a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server before you appeal again.

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