Timid Jak. banned for overescalation (3rd appeal.)

-SS14 account username: Toastinator

-Ban reason: overescalation with multiple previous instanaces and 2 prior bans in 6 months (long ago idk when, 6 months ago since 2nd ban?)

-date of ban: I forgot sorry

-length of ban: appeal ban only

-events leading to the ban: I was salvaging in kettle when the second qm asked us who wants to be the third qm. i said sure. and i go to the hop to get be the quarter-half master. otw the hop i happen to see the mime blocking the way to hop by invsible walling the windoor to hop for quiet a while. me being impatient. decided to slash him with my survival knife and give a chance to run which he didnt, and i forgot if he went into critical or not but when i was in prision he said to have died. on CE’s side. if i recall he said that i should’ve said a verbal warning for him to move first (which i forgot to do) and i should give more time on the slashing to make him rethink and go away. 

Reason the ban should be removed: it was my mistake that i didnt give him a verbal warning and start to hit him with little delay. I’ve clearly learnt my lesson in these last several months. and after the ban ive been playing nyanotranse

IMPORTANT: i couldnt get a recommendation in nyanotranse. i forgot to ask for a recommendation for a full month+ and yesterday i remembered and asked how to get it, an admin responded saying that they wont be giving recommendation (formally or not i forgot) or will ever. i was recommened to play at nyano by ce i think so i can get a recommnedation at nyano so i can be unbanned. but they said they will not give a recommendation to anyone or ever. if this appeal is rejected which quite honestly will imo. Can someone recommened me a server that can give out a recommnedation (english server only)

Not an admin, but from what I hear, the WizDen admins are willing to accept Mining Station 14 vouchers. Parkstation might be a good place to try out as well, although due to recent events I am not sure how accepted it might be. You are not limited to SS14 as well, SS13 vouchers are accepted as well, from what I hear. 

Hopefully this helps. Might want to wait for an admin to weigh in themselves. 

NGL i was expecting mining station to have vouchers but im still suprised. truly the gulag experiance. thx for the mentions

Never mind… dead servers… i never seen them online except mining and that was quite a long time ago…

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal.

There appears to be some effort to obtain a voucher here and it has been a few months since the time of the offenses. Please be aware that the next issue we have of this nature with you, or the next appeal ban, will  require  a voucher from another SS13/SS14 server. I strongly suggest you restrain yourself from attacking or initiating fights with people if you want to avoid that outcome.

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