Timid jak. banned for overescalting

Account : Toastinator
Name : Timid jak

Ban Type : appeal ban

Ban Time : 22-23 of november 2022

Reason for Ban : overesclation over a mime blocking hop 

Server Name : Lizard

My side : i was a salvage in kettle. i was going getting something from salvage when the second QM telling cargo does anyone want to be qm. so i voluntreed to be. when i reached hop the second qm was there and a mime was continously blocking hop for a pretty long time i remember. me being annoyed decided to slashed the mime to scare him away, but ultimately didnt. i gave him a pause from the knife to run away. and before i know it. he went critcal. sec dragged him off to sec/medical and i was talking to hop about being the quater-half master. which then sec arrested me for attacking (and possibly killing? i dont remember) the mime. ce chatted with me and i explained what happen how i gave him a chance. and he mention i didnt say anything about a saying the the mime to leave which is totally my bad. so i agree to be banned 

Why I think I should be unbanned : i feel like i should be banned for a few days to regain my compsure and learn from this. this is well my third time getting banned. and i learnt from what i shouldnt do from those bans. this third ban is totally justified and i agree i should be banned for this (CE was really cool for saying he’ll have to ban me for this unlike the first and second by idk whom) for a few days to think it through. last time ce gave me a warning not to overescalate next time. and from that day foward i give people a chance to run away after getting hit. basically i learn from my mistakes
Anything else : thx to ce for being a good admin. and wrote a reasonable reason as to why i am banned and all. unlike someone i forgot banning me instantly when im new to the game. and also im exploring nyanotranse to find new content (very chill/calm place)

Hey Toastinator,

Looking at your account’s notes alone indicates to me that you are a frequent problem player, especially in the context of over-escalation and responding with violence instead of words, often with a knife you happen to have on you. You have FOURTEEN (14!) notes on your account. These are the summarized various infractions you have generally been WARNED for and you have far outstayed your welcome in being warned for things:

  • 09/09 - Being a massive dick to a new player over multiple rounds (was banned for this)
  • 10/17 - Using LOOC to bypass IC restrictions while unconscious (warned)
  • 10/22 - Over-escalation, stabbing medical staff to death when they took a cardboard box from you, then griefing medical by disposaling all of the meds and suiciding immediately after being arrested. (discovered after the round was over, no action taken)
  • 10/23 - Blatant self-antagonism by building electrified grilles in the main halls and saying “I deserve it” when admins started abusing you.
  • 10/27 - Crit a passenger and tried to flush the body. (Warned)
  • 11/03 - Admin checking (warned).
  • 11/04 - Potential over-escalation which was ruled as being probably okay. (Warned)
  • 11/04 - Over-escalation, hitting someone who you thought was trying to space the station repeatedly despite them trying to run away and the HoP telling you to stop. Apparently you did not want to stop hitting them until you “scared them enough”.
  • 11/05 - Suspected metacommunication.
  • 11/12 - Admitted metacommunication (somehow you got away with a warning on this!)
  • 11/13 - Note indicating you often send ahelps to the effect of “admin you saw that” which is extremely aggravating to deal with. 
  • 11/13 - Involved in a mutiny involving an early shuttle call where you started attacking the Captain who was arresting someone. (discovered after the round was over, no action taken)
  • 11/22 - Stabbing a cargo tech twice for trying to break a NanoMed. (no action taken)
  • 11/23 - The offense of this appeal, stabbing the mime into crit without saying anything when they were being an annoyance.

You are well and far beyond out of goodwill. All of these notes are on top of two prior bans, one already mentioned and one for forcefeeding people poison. You look at this textbook of history and tell us that you should only be having a few days ban.

This appeal is unanimously denied. Appeal again in a month (12/26/22).

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