Timid jak. banned for slur

SS14 account username: Toast

Ban reason: doing a slur saying fag 

Date of ban: 15/02/2023

Length of ban: appeal ban


Events leading to the ban: i was doing making chems for the crew when a clown broke into chems. me learning not to him, i flushed him through the trash chute. after a few min he comes back calling me things like gay or FAG. anyway after a fight with the clown cuz hes vandalizing chems, i downed him, and he taken to medical, several minutes afterwards. I think i saw him being dragged dead (disconnected) with a kill sign, not sure it was him completely but his first name was made me think it was him. After i saw that. i made cryoxadon for the cryolab and when sudden a rat servant and ratking arrived and me and owen went to hunting the ratking. we chased for a bit when we arrived at the bar/kitchen i said “get that fag” or similar to that. and just when im about leave the bar. boom instant ban, no bwoink or no warning.

Reason the ban should be removed: i can see why im banned for saying such a word in the eyes of an admin. but at first i didnt even knew that word was prohibited. i knew racial slurs was really bad and probably calling someone gay, lesiban. etc? but never expected FAG would be an instant ban. ive said it one time and this is 99 percent most likey the first time ive used it. Second, Seeing how the clown didnt get banned and had a kill sign over his head, i thought it would be OK to use it. thirdly, I thought that if i did something wrong i would get messaged or be teleported, being shot at by invisible entity. ETC. Personally its seemed unfair that i got instantly banned for that without warning, most admins warn me or accused me after i did something or did nothing wrong. But again it is an inappropriate word to say. This ban couldve been avoided if the admin that banned or whatever it was, had warned me not to say it. but. i dont mind a ban for a day at least or a week on average. i understand the severity of the rules or  more importantly racial slurs. 

Important: i may have done many have done alot of typos or missing topic. feel free to question me because these days i feel like im talking and typing like XQC

Another thing. this is simillar to the first time i got banned. i was a chemist that just discovred ipec and pot bombs. it was at evac when i started to give random people them the pills (not antag), i was fairly new. didnt knew every role. after people was barfing and exploding and watching. an admin asked me if i did it or not. in which i responded to yes (duh)

instantly got banned. without knowing why its wrong or any warning. didnt knew i could appeal cuz i was new and wondered why it was wrong for me to do that

We have historically banned users for slurs exactly like the one you used, often appeal only.

Even so, you literally just got off a hotly divided appeal ban that I just processed. Regardless of the duration of this ban, due to your ban history you would automaticaly be voucher banned.

As such, I see no voucher of good behavior with this appeal and you may only appeal this ban after six months (Aug. 14, 2023), and this time ONLY with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. We will accept no substitute on your next appeal.

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