To Stealth16 - RDM

No, it wasn’t “RDM”. I dont know why you said that. The mime was being annoying, arrested me as I was trying to FIX the HOP’s office, then let people steal my toolbelt and PDA and refused to return it. In what way shape or form is that RDM? There was nothing random about it, I even told him I would if he didn’t return the things that he or someone else stole from me in Sec. I am going to be honest, this is getting really frustrating. I wasn’t even able to play ONE antag role before I was banned again. And why does it say Ban #5!?!? This isn’t my fifth ban, it’s not even close to that. What do you want from me? Just tell me, please. All the admins do is ban ban ban and never tell the player they banned how they could not be banned in the future. Do you want me to just not use combat at all? Then I won’t; just tell me next time.image.png

And some of this applies to my previous ban too that I appealed… just TELL people how they can avoid being banned. “Follow the rules” or “Dont RDM” doesn’t mean anything when admins dictate how a rule is broken or what is recognized as RDM.