Todd Admin application

In-game Username: NorthwoodTodd
Discord username: Todd Howard#6131
Characters you play: Jack Foster (mostly all roles but prefer to play non heads)
How long have you been playing SS13/14?: At time of writing this application 35 hours on Space station 14 but I played ss13 for 4-5 years prior

Hours per day I’m available: 4 minimum usually more
Days you are available on: all week round

Prior admin experience: None on SS13/14 but I do work as the server moderation manager for a games company (Can validate via discord)
Prior bans: 0 (including SS13)

Essay parts:

What role do I believe admins play:

I believe admins are there to facilitate gameplay and make sure the rounds are not being plagued by selfantag, powergaming and the dreaded ERP, I believe using admin powers for fun is not something that should be stopped but at the same time it is something that should be done in moderation and to avoid stopping the actual game from happening, as a summary i would say that admins are there to help the players, deal with the rulebreakers, facilitate the round and maybe have a bit of fun with players every now and then. Oh and also help out the new players (think i forgot to mention that part)

How do I feel about the current RP status on the server?:

I enjoy all sorts of RP (Just not the dreaded one) HRP and LRP can both be fun depending on what kind of game I’m looking for however I enjoy seeing the playerbase putting effort into bringing their characters in life, personally I feel the current status of RP is perfect to represent the game as a whole in that its not too strict so that it makes new players feel constricted but its not too lax that you have low effort trolls with crappy names all over the place.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?:

I enjoy helping out the teams creating games I enjoy, and in this case I don’t know how to help in other ways (C# is still somewhat of a mystery to me) and i would like to help out the server, also it seems to me that a lot of the time where I am free is where the staff are busy so I feel my schedule would be a nice compliment to some of the staff team.

I’m somewhat decently active on the discord and I lurk a lot on top of that. 

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