Tostah - Banned for f-slur

SS14 account username: Tostah
Ban reason: F-slur
Date of ban: 3/8
Length of ban: Apply
Events leading to the ban: I guess I said the f-slur
Reason the ban should be removed: So, I want to first say that I am not homophobic (if that f word is the one that I was banned for) Im actually gay in real life. I use the f-slur in my normal vocabulary in real life, and it has lost all meaning to me. I say it casually with my boyfriend all the time. I see the f-slur like the n-word, because I’m gay, I can say it. That doesn’t really matter though. What does matter is I broke rules by saying it on this server, and I apologize. I will be sure not to say it again.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals