TritonerTron - negligence/incompetence

SS14 account: TritonerTron

Character name: William

Type of Ban: Security officer and security cadet permanent job ban

Date of Ban and Duration: July 11th 2022. Permanent ban.

Reason for Ban: Negligence/incompetence

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: I was playing as a security officer and arrested someone for assaulting me (harm). Their crime was committed in the presence of a detective. While bringing them to security and during the search, they started jokingly hinting at erp (i.e. “*blushes*”, “don’t leave me alone in this cell *winks*”.) After the arrest, I saw HoS passing by and informed them of the criminal’s charges. I normally tell the warden that, but we didn’t have a warden at that point during the round. I also mentioned the erp attempts performed by the prisoner. HoS, the detective, who also just came into sec, and I started discussing the offender’s sentance because we all agreed that the erp hinting was unacceptable. HoS offered me to beat the prisoner to death, and the detective reported the incident to centcom. One of them even mentioned that it could be a perma worthy charge. During this discussion, I got bwoinked with the question “why are they in jail?”, to which I replied with “they assaulted me”. I was then asked how much time they’ve already in jail. I said 5 minutes (I have to admit that that was only an estimation because, since I didn’t entirely know how to deal with a prisoner like that, I asked Hos, and due to the resulting discussion I forgot to set a timer.) Then the admin asked me how long do they have left, but as I was trying to keep up 2 conversation at once (ahelp and in-game), somone else in-game asked me what crimes the person in jail commited. I once again told them about the assault charge and anecdotally mentioned attempted erp (I wouldn’t personally add jail time for that because it isn’t against space law and was just done in a joking non-explicit manner). The admin saw my message and told me that I should’ve ahelped that. I explained that it wasn’t very explicit and I didn’t think it was ahelp worthy. Then I was again asked how long do they have left, and I said 2 minutes because a sentance can’t exceed 10 minutes. One thing I’d like to mention is that there was no electricity in security and none of us had crowbars, meaning we had to wait anyway to free the prisoner. The admin then told me that they were in there for 7 minutes, which matched with my estimation 2 minutes prior. Then HoS, for reasons I’m not aware of because I was paying attention to the admin chat, told me to free the prisoner. I informed the admin of that and lead the prisoner out of their cell soon after when the lights turned back on. I let them grab their belongings from the evidence locker, but instead they grabbed a flash and flashed me several times with it. Another officer saw that and started chasing the criminal around in security. I took out my stun baton out, but it wasn’t charged, so I ran into the equipment room to get another stun baton. we then successfully arrested the offender again, and I made sure to properly set a 6 minute timer that time. As this was happening, the detective walked into sec and started freeing the prisoner because he thought that their previous sentance was over. I explained the situation to the detective and started pulling the prisoner into a cell. then the offender started asking me the reason for their arrest and saying that they’re new to the game and don’t know how to play. I briefly explained that what they were doing is wrong and why they were in jail. As I was typing I got bwoinked again. This time apparently 3 people were stuck in another jail cell because someone else brought them in to heal a different prisoner. I wasn’t aware of this because of all the simultaneous things I had to deal with in a short span of time. I haven’t yet searched the prisoner I was processing, so while still pulling them I ran to help the people stuck in sec. I did so because an admin telling me off about it made me feel like I need to do that urgently and couldn’t delay it for any reason. After helping them I got back to searching the prisoner, and got bwoinked again because the admin didn’t yet know that the offender committed another crime after being released. I once again explained the whole situation to the admin. Then the admin asked me why they haven’t been put in a cell yet, even though 4 minutes passed. I said that I am aware that 4 minutes have passed bacause I set up a timer. The reason I couldn’t process them in 4 minutes was because most of that time was spent explaining to other people why the prisoner was still under arrest, talking to the admin, explaining to the offender the reason for the arrest, and helping people stuck in security, all the while still reading any important text I might’ve missed the :s channel. Then I was asked how long are they in for, and I said 6 minutes. After that I searched the prisoner, and let them serve the rest of their time in jail. After release I instructed them to wait for me outside of sec because last time I let them pick their own items up, they stole security equipment and assaulted me. As I opened the evidence locker the prisoner’s items were stored in, I saw that it was filled with someone else’s items and a dead body. I searched for the person’s ID, duffebag, grey jumpsuit, and service headset and walked out to give it to them. they were gone. They just left. I got bwoinked again for letting someone out without their items or ID. I explained the whole situation, stating that It wasn’t safe to let the prisoner pick up their own items and that I told them to wait outside for me. Some time later, I walked into the electric chair room because that round was the first time I actually noticed it. I got electrified to death because the electric chair was turned on. I didn’t quite know how it worked and I thought one has to sit on it for it to electrify them, but I got shocked just by being close to it.

I was then informed by thr admin that due to my performance I will get a security officer and cadet job ban. The exact reason was “complete lack of awareness of surroundings, poor escalation, leaving several people trapped within security, not properly processing arrested prisoners (both physically not storing them and not timing them) and then miraculously dying to the electric chair alone in the middle of security”. Now I will go through these reasons one by one. Lack of awareness here probably refers to the fact that I didn’t realize there were people trapped in security, but I already explained that I had to take care of a lot of things at the same time and I paid more attention to what people around me were saying, so I just didn’t notice the green radio messages because a lot of the time the the main radio channel is flooded with spam/unimportant information. Leaving several people trapped in security is just a misunderstanding because I wasn’t even aware of them. No one informed me and I didn’t bring them into sec. Not properly processing arrested prisoners refers to the one time it took me 4 minutes to process a prisoner, but I already fully explained that point. I also did time them the 2nd time, but even my first estimation was completely correct. Last reason is something I completely don’t understand. People die in ss13/ss14 due to workplace accidents all the time, so I don’t see how that’s a bannable offense, especially because I didn’t know how an electric chair worked.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I think this whole situation was just a misunderstanding and, in my opinion, my performance wasn’t enough of a reason to give me a permanent 

to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. My ban wasn’t fair because I was told off for even the slightest mistakes I made and I had to deal with multiple situations at once, which just made it even more stressful. 

Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your

appeal, include it here.

I understand giving me a temporary week ban, but a permanent ban for what I listed above seems like too much. The banning admin is Stealth16, if this is important. Thank you for reading this somewhat lengthy appeal!

I haven’t read this yet because- holy shit that’s a lot of text- but I am going to clarify that this is on top of your existing HoS and Warden perma jobban.

1 hour ago, Stealth16 said:

I haven’t read this yet because- holy shit that’s a lot of text- but I am going to clarify that this is on top of your existing HoS and Warden perma jobban.

I was told that it was only a week long ban by the banning admin. Maybe they planned to manually unban me in a week? idk

Looking at it, it looks like it wasn’t implemented properly.

Regardless you are permanently banned from HoS and Warden, because if you weren’t before, I would’ve done it in conjunction with the other set of bans I applied.

11 hours ago, Stealth16 said:

Regardless you are permanently banned from HoS and Warden, because if you weren’t before, I would’ve done it in conjunction with the other set of bans I applied.

Ok, will this ban be lifted if my current appeal goes through?

Hey TritonerTron,

First i’d like to apologize for how long it has taken to process this appeal. This situation was difficult to retrace after it had happened, but after internal discussion, we have decided to  accept this appeal.  You will be unbanned from Security Officer and Cadet.

Since the Warden and Head of Security ban appear to be a separate incident, I will change these to two-week bans from today’s date and keep it that way so as long as there aren’t any issues with your Security gameplay.

This situation seems complex and just from what is presented I cannot find any more fault then would normally be allowed. This situation seemed to have a lot of moving parts on top of needing to interface with administrators while handling the situation IC which is difficult at the least. Going forward, I would please request that if you have unusual situations (such as a prisoner hinting at ERP or other rule-breaking behavior) that you admin-help it immediately as this makes it easier to address and handle before the situation becomes too complex to easily rule on. Have fun.

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