Trixieisacutie21 - Chem Role Ban

SS14 account username: Trixieisacutie21
Role(s): Chemist
Date of ban: Around Early to Mid 2022
Length of ban: Indefinite, Possibly Appeal?
Events leading to the ban: From what I can remember, I was messing around as Chem and smoke spamming which wasted the Role. Eventually I drank some some potassium and water which caused a explosion that killed me. After that I got a temp Ban and then the role Ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: It’s been some time and I wanted to appeal this Ban since I want to play chem again. It’s also a requiement to become CMO. So I pretty much will behave so I don’t get role banned again. 

(Thanks for telling me to use my in game account when signing in)

I don’t see any recent relevant issues to this roleban so it will be lifted. Accepted.

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