Tutorial Area

What if the arrivals station was a Nanotrasen training facility ?

There’d be different rooms, each containing a short tutorial for the basics of each department. We might have to add Holodeck technology to prevent people from leaving with items they arent supposed to like stunbatons. There could be a secret room at the very end where a syndie recruiter is hiding with the syndie tutorial.


If a tutorial were to be created, I think it would be incredibly redundant to make it into each and every map. Just make it like CM13 where you can do tutorials before you join any games.

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It doesnt HAVE to be the spawn station, but how else would you implement this map ?

Like would it be its own server or a map users can download and play offline ?

Seeing as how I wasted thousands of so hours on gmod halo rp, I like this idea but it needs to be entirely non optional, would also be more prevalent with higher timers between shuttle arrivals

For example, the way i’d structure a room would be like.
Let’s say this is the service tutorial:
You enter a room full of space lube that you have to clean.
Once it’s clean the player progresses to a bar/restaurant/hydroponics area where they’re asked to make a pizza and some dwarf ale for a customer.

I’d love to see a tutorial added because I don’t have a clue how people who are brand new to the game are willing to struggle through the first few hours where they understand nothing.

Personally what I’d like to see is having a bunch of really short single player segments that act as license or certification tests. Things ranging from a new player basics thing that teaches you the absolute basic mechanics like chatting, walking, and using your inventory, to things like an engineer power tutorial that has you restore power to an unpowered room. If these were good enough, they could just replace most role timers entirely so that someone who knows what they’re doing could unlock station engineer or atmospherics technician in maybe 10-15 minutes of skill tests instead of hours of gameplay.

The biggest problem with all of this, and the reason that I’ve heard most often from maintainers for not adding a tutorial right now is how quickly stuff changes in the game, it’d be a ton of effort to keep the tutorials up to date and relevant. Imagine someone adding a new engine to engineering, now someone has to create a tutorial for how to setup and fix that engine. It’s even worse if something is refactored, imagine medical being refactored and now almost every single medical tutorial needs to be updated or redone.

That all said, I really do hope that we get tutorials in some form eventually. I think they’d do a lot to help new players get up to speed and I think experienced players would also appreciate new players coming in with more knowledge

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Added space-station-14

we also need a syndie behind a secret wall that goes “pssst ! Come here !” for the syndie tutorial

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I feel like most stuff like an engine being updated/added should be taught to the player by other players/guidebook. Not by a premade tutorial map.

A better approach that was talked a while back was to have popups/hints explaining basic controls and anything else a player needs before they get in deep. This system would also have an option to for example “skip to fork content” so that experienced ss14 players going in a new fork don’t need to see the whole tutorial again to see of any fork specific stuff they need to know.

While do I think it’d be ideal for department content to be taught like this, and for us to be able to rely on it being taught like this, there being someone who is willing to teach and having someone who is willing to be taught IC seem to be uncommon. I’ve even seen things like chief engineers who don’t know how to setup engines/atmos or chief medical officers who don’t know how various med mechanics work

It’s the players fault if they dont wanna be taught, i cant blame em if no one teaches them though. Which in that case we have the guidebook exactly for this.

CE not knowing engine/atmos to at least a basic degree or CMO not knowing at least basic med mechanics sounds more like an admin issue. Players like this should not have been in command in the first place. And once again im throwing guidebook at your face.

Write a page on setting up atmos, engines, med mechanics etc. No need to have a map to explain this.

Regardless of who is at fault, it still negatively impacts other players so imo we should attempt to reduce it

The roles aren’t whitelisted so unfortunately admins don’t have great coverage over competence in these roles, and don’t have much ability to prevent them from getting into the roles in the first place

As a new player myself, I would like to suggest something that would make the problem far more simple.

We don’t necessarily need to fully understand the job to be able to join at a reasonable level. The tutorial could just be a rundown of the equipment (for example, what the lights mean on hydroponics equipment), and a brief description of the job.

Once we know what everything means, it will be easier to learn processes and practices from other players.

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I wrote that example. What’s better to teach a new player how service works than by making them cook a pizza and mix a drink ? They’d have to grow their own tomato and maybe there’d be lube spills to clean up.

A TV station that shows litensquads guides exclusively on loop would be memey