Unban Wizard Den mirror ban from nyano ERP/joking around

SS14 account username: [LatieffLemour]
Ban reason: [ERP (humping someones leg as a mime/saying nice ass]
Date of ban: [2/13/2023]
Length of ban: [perma]
Events leading to the ban: [humped someone’s leg as a mime/ told the warden they had a nice butt an that ill cocoon them as a spider.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [first off admins in nyano didn’t give a chance to talk told me to kill myself IRL. also first offense. didn’t realize know that was Rape Rp was just being stupid/funny.  just want to be unbanned in wizard Den since they mirrored that ban and that’s bull. and nyano should apologize for telling me to kill myself. i wasn’t living out some sick rape fantasy that’s sick. but telling someone to kill themselves is actually a crime so…]



We have no control over the administration practices, policies, or procedure of Nyanotrasen servers as they are their own entity. That is entirely up to them.

We will mirror bans from other servers on a case by case basis. Squarely put this type of behavior would be beyond unacceptable on Wizard’s Den servers as well.

Cani the wizard ban be appealed.

i didnt realise this behavior wasnt allwed im new to RP games and i didn’t read the rules in full. i was just told to do my job and focus on that i saw how others were talking and i just mimic’d that behavior. i didnt realise that was stepping over the line’s boundaries. if it can be appealed then great if not sorry for the inconvience.

I do find it entertaining that in your Feb 8 ahelp conversation you complain about people “breaking RP” and then you sexually assault a player on another server. This ban is not appealable. We are not interested in having you on our server. You should find a different community.

Your issue with nyanotrasen administration’s unprofessional behavior (while I agree with you) is completely separate and not at all relevant to the circumstances relating to your ban.

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