Undef_ - Attacked people with chair, DCed when boinked

Ban reason: “Attacked people with folding chair, DCed when bwoinked. Appeal at forum.ss14.io

Length of ban: Appeal Only

Events leading to the ban: My memories of the round are somewhat fuzzy as the round happened December of 2022, but I will try my best to recap the events. They may not be in perfect order.

I joined the round as a staffie and started walking around seeing what was going on in the station. Eventually, I discovered I could die from spam clicking light bulbs. I thought it would be funny at the time, so I did it. After doing it around 2-3 times, I decided to grab a folding chair and start running around hitting people at least once and generally annoying security, possibly taking an item or two from them, despite being a non-antagonist. Once I got arrested, I spam clicked a lightbulb again. At this point, I got bwoinked by an admin questioning my behavior. I responded with something along the lines of “Just ban me already.” thinking I would immediately get banned after the conversation regardless of my response and left.

Reason the ban should be removed: I have done wrong in both my responses, and my actions in the round I got banned. I realize and regret that. It has been a long time since the ban occurred, giving me a lot of time to think about my actions and I believe I am ready to follow the rules rather than disregarding them as I did last time. Beating random people with chairs was a clear violation of the rules for escalation, self antagonism and to an extent the rule about being a dick. Disconnecting after failing to explain myself to an admin was also a clear rule violation. I do not necessarily remember my motivations behind my actions, but I do know I wish to be able play on the server while following the rules as an actual member of the community.

This is from some time ago now and from your appeal it seems like you grasp it all, make sure to read the rules on rejoining the game as they have changed significantly since you last played.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process:

  • the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days,
  • the appeal is older than 7 days, or
  • the result of the appeal is obvious.

In some cases, the banning admin may process the appeal. The banning admin cannot process the appeal if:

  • the facts that led to the ban are disputed,
  • the appeal makes a claim that the admin who placed it was biased, or
  • the ban was not within the ban guidelines.

You may contact a head game admin if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration. You can find a full list of staff, including head game admins at the staff directory.

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