Unjust ban from (Admin) Stealth16

Story time!

I just recently started the round as a HOS where we all where attacked by a group of carps, when i was critted, the mime took my sub machine gun and saved my life with it and dragged me to medical where she was attacked by even more carps, after i returned conscious the mime returned to me and i asked where my gun was, she still had it and i sh#t you not the mime had a literal piece of paper with a captains stamp which allowed her to keep the gun, funny enough i was actually going to let her keep it for being such a unit, then (admin) Stealth16 texted me and told me to retrieve my gun or i would be demoted because my actions was “unrealistic” on a (LOW ROLE-PLAY SERVER).

after i told the Stealth16 the situation and refused to retrieve my gun because-

  1. captain literally approved that the mime may keep my gun with a stamp

  2. i don’t break my words or balls for nothing.

i was later on spaced, killed and sec-banned for refusing the admins orders which i firmly believe was unjust and an overstep of his or hers power and told me that i could appeal the ban on ss14 forum which i REFUSE to do because-

  1. i firmly believe that people should be banned for a respectable PERIOD OF TIME rather then having to publicly humiliate oneself on a forum, a forum appeal should only be used for severe offenses like (hacking) and (severe hate speech)

  2. i will not be appealing my sec-ban because i firmly believe that it was unjust and appealing the ban would be me giving into an unjust punishment.

after this incident i quickly got in contact with (admin) Mirrorcult which i filed a complaint about Stealth16’s actions, i was given short and unhelpful replays and was later on ignored which is why im making this statement public, i can say that i was upset and reflected that a bit onto my convo with Mirrorcult which was unprofessional of me but the point still stands, Stealth16’s actions was unjust and i wish for him or her to be held accountable for their actions.

since i am a sec main at heart and there is only really one decent server i am incapable of playing the game how i enjoy it and since the ban is eternal without an appeal i will not be able to play ss14 anymore.

and for those who have read this post, thank you, it means a ton, and remember (miners don’t die!)


PS: i was not demoted, i was banned


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If you have a problem with a moderator, DM mirrorcult. Although I know you already did this and weren’t satisfied with the answer, so really there’s nothing more for you here. Go away.