[unknown] - Violaceus

SS14 account: Violaceus
Byond account: Violaceus
Character name: Alexiel Delacour
When was the ban: 2021-11-16 around 02:40 UTC+1
Server you were playing on when banned: Miros

Your side of the story:

I was playing as the RD. At the beginning of the shift, I met a player in medical and requested white shoes from them, for style reasons. I called the character “Woman!”

A bit later in the round, I went to the medbay and requested white gloves, once again calling the character in question “Woman”. I received them from another player.

Later, I went to medbay again and I took some plasma sheets from the container the medical player was dragging. They went after me and a quick slapfight between us happened. I hid behind airlock and called the security, they called HoP, he came in and persuaded that medical player to leave R&D and order more plasma from cargo.

After that, the player wrote on OOC that they are offended by me using “word” woman in patronizing manner. An admin name of which I forgot, told them to write ahelp.

After some time I ahelped by myself as I was getting increasingly worried, saying that I am ready if they want to question me.

The admin told me that it was sexist and I shouldn’t mix real world issues with game.

After next shift started, I got permabanned.


Why you think you should be unbanned:

I think the permaban is out of proportion. I involve myself with womens’ rights movements irl considering how my country is hostile for basic human rights and getting banned over such thing really makes me unease. I used the term “woman” in same way like you can imagine a HoS patronising his officer calling him “boy”.

I stopped calling that character “woman” after their OOC message and was okay with it. I want to play this because it is a development of my beloved spessmen and I was gladly introducing people into stuff like Nanotrasen, what the heads are “supposed” to do, how HoS ordering to kill criminals on sight is bad, etc. I point this out because I don’t want to be cosnidered a shitter.

The attached screenshot contains message from the player in question


I’m going to reduce this to a week ban.
No matter the circumstances, bigoted behavior, roleplay or not, is absolutely forbidden on our game servers, per rule 7:


| 7. Hate speech, slurs and bigotry are not allowed. |

  • Intentionally seeking to demean others due to their actual or perceived race, sex, gender, orientation or the like is not tolerated.

And as stated in our rules, it is absolutely not tolerated, and I ask that I never see such behavior again.
We do not have the time to police these rules on a “but everyone involved was ok with it” basis, and of all the rules, 7 is the most harshly/directly enforced. I strongly advise not toeing the line with it in the future.

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