Unpersoning Appeal: WardenCommisar - 'Unclengoodness' ban reason Xenophbia unconfirm

SS14 username: WardenCommisar
Ban reason: unpersoned for supposed xenophobia
Ban date: 25.02.23

Events leading to the ban: recent play, communicated a prolong say wireless all see, express negative effect of xenophobia need acceptance living beings. goal instigate discussion, promote inclusivity in the game.

regret, inneradministrators misunderstood, lead to unpersoning. clarify - message not intended to discriminate offend (particular) group or singleperson. intend to promote mutual respect.

Reason for the ban to be lifted: regret any offense minus words cause. support policy tolerance-zero.

request an appeal of my unpersoning person reinstatement. know, ungood.

above sign.

Why would you use newspeak, it makes it hard to read and you are basically saying “literally 1984!!!”

To prevent abuse, please post a reply containing only the text from the following image:

Unfortunately it appears you weren’t able to complete the CAPTCHA. We require all ban appeals to be made by the player  affected by the ban and do not allow automated systems to file appeals.

Please feel free to make another appeal for this account, however it must be made by the person who uses this account, not a bot. Additionally, due to our policy on ban evasion, we will not accept any appeals made earlier than 6 months from the last attempt at ban evasion. The appeal must also include a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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