Untitled_text - "broke a salvage magnet, reason was 'carp strats'"

<title>My Brand New Ban Appeal!</title>

SS14 account :  “untitled_text”

Character name :  “space carp”

Type of ban :  server ban?  “connection denied”

Date of ban and duration :  “June 20th-21st?, permanent”

Reason for ban : “Broke salvage magnet as carp because ‘carp strats’.  As this is the third time you’ve been banned for ruining a round, this is appeal only.”

Your side of the story : “As far as I know, I’m an antagonist and should defend my base to the best of my ability.  It seems logical for me to avoid danger and to attack weak-points.  I feel just in doing what I do, hence why I readily admit my actions.”

Anything else we should know :  “I’m still unsure of what this administration’s vision for this game is.  If the goal was a high-RP server, then your decision was just and you can keep the ban.  But personally, I found the hecticness and freedom SS14 gives as fun, and the reason I always come back.  Maybe that’s where the unexpectedness lies - that temporary and allowed in-game actions would lead to permanent out-of-game consequences.  So maybe they were just in banning me.  That’s fine.  But it’s nice to have someone hear me out.  I would rather die standing than try to live kneeling, I guess.”

<script>alert(“here are my screenshots”)</script>

A memento of sorts, since I’m staying banned for sure.

Me just greytiding around (below) - Here I just ran around looking stupid.


Mutha Goose (below) - I trap cafe, and it was super satisfying when it worked.  Before you call it self-antag, I didn’t personally harm anyone; they walked into it themselves.

Officer pic (below) - So I had some brute injury and was feeding myself Bicardine.  But it turns out I was actually feeding the chemist next to me, and they OD’d.  Not to death, but still.  I apologized profusely and ran away from the beating.  Later on I’m walking out of disposals and they ambush me, and slip me in a corner.  More importantly they called me scum as they did so, which made me feel kinda bad.  Were they grudging the first 15 min of the round?  I don’t know.  Sec was too incompetent to catch them, and it felt shitty to just let the chemist get away scotch-free.  So I took matters into my own hands, vendetta style.  That round I mugged a sec officer, broke into medbay, and tazed the chemist.  Now I’m in prison, but it was worth it.  I did manage to escape afterwards, since classic sec forgot to take my tool belt (it happens).

Piano shenanigans (below) - This is ~5 minutes of me minding my own business, before I get beat up by a clown, have my secway stolen, and my corpse tossed in disposals, to not be cloned the rest of the round.  It is what it is.

PAI shenanigans (below) - Here I steal a PAI, weld a locker shut, and suicide to be able to play piano and PAI music at the same time without dying.  Here I am playing the “Still Alive” melody with the melody and vocals with separate instruments, but in sync.

More stories

 - The time I was locked up in Brig for a reason I can’t remember.  A PAI is also imprisoned for false reasons, so I vow to help him/her/them escape.  We kill HOS with a shovel and steal his clothes to sneak out, killing any witnesses before dropping the clothes in disposals.  We also kill anyone the PAI had bad experiences with as a little revenge.  I am inevitably arrested, but I toss the PAI to freedom before I’m taken in.  Probably my best story yet.

 - One time I built a bunker in kitchen against xenos (?).  I gave my bombsuit helm to the chef, placed electrified grilles, and fought off ~6 people who were trying to break in, before dying.  The chef made it out alive, and that’s what matters.

 - Built a campsite under the singularity with sofas and meat spikes.  Made some cheese, butchered a monkey, and idlely tossed ore at the singularity.  The finale was sacrificing myself to the singularity, as is tradition.

 - Most rounds nowadays I spend chilling.  I probably exhausted the more obvious possibilities and I’m too lazy to pull any more wacky shenanigans.  (as you can see by my last pics being boring midi stuff)

The present tense (below) - Context: The place was already chaotic when I walked in.  I just posed for the screenshot.

I specifically remember the time you set up an instacrit grille in arrivals and ruined the place. Multiple people kept trying to take it down because at least 10-15 people including myself had been crit by it, and you kept putting it back up. When confronted by people trying to clean up arrivals you threatened to kill anyone that tried to, to which I overdosed you on five space medipens and put you in the mourge.


all and all, wasn’t really fun to play or deal with

So you decided to appeal by posting screenshots of you self antagging by placing electrified grilles in the middle of the hallway?

I feel like you don’t ever take into consideration that there are other people trying to play the game, and that your actions negatively impact their game experience. Repeatedly.

Maybe we have different tolerances for what is and isn’t considered “dickworthy.”

I would consider destroying the salvage magnet, making salvage players unable to do their job for the rest of the round without admin intervention, as a fish to be dickworthy.

Appeal denied and escalated to no-appeal.

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