Username:YourAnarcom Discord:SlycoolGamer - Incineration of someone

Ban reason:  Avoiding AHelp after asked why I had incinerated someone
Length of ban: Permanent 
Events leading to the ban: A few years ago, I had been playing on the server and made a terrible decision to form a cult in-game. Later, I had incinerated a player without any kind of valid reason. Later when I received the AHelp message, I remember having trouble accessing it and i was tired due to the late hours and decided to go to sleep without answering most likely hoping the issue would be resolved by the morning, that morning i made the foolish mistake and tried to join the server on a alt account which was detected and resulted in a ban that was now likely forever.
Reason the ban should be removed: I really wish I could come back to this server the ban was completely justified but i hope i can join back this year. Thanks

I can see the last appeal was denied as no voucher was provided and the ban is currently in place for ban evasion. Do you have a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server?

I will close this one off, feel free to appeal again and ensure your voucher is provided with the appeal for it to be considered.

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