Val23/Dillza, (changed acc name, not sure which you want), used innapropriate language on announcements

Reason: Called captain to bridge for “daily sex”

Length: perma

leading to: Captain told me to give clown AA (I was HOP), and so I did, not knowing that it was illegal. I was later notified by a security officer it was illegal, and tried to get captain to bridge so we could demote him. I used announcements, because I forgot I could use comms. I tried to be funny, and called him to bridge for “Daily sex”, meaning nothing by it.

Reason I should be unbanned: It was 1 or 2 years ago, somewhere in that timeframe, and I have changed quite a bit. I have played more than 300 hours on SS13 servers and nyanotrasen, without much issue. I apologise for my language, and it will not happen again.

I can see a previous note about some sexual copy paste thing too, please keep in the front of your mind that any sexual references are not permitted, Our rules have updated since you last played, Please have a re-read of them on the Wiki here.

I will remove the ban with the caveat that a stronger ban would be placed if any more of the sexual content continues.
Appeal accepted.

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