Wanefaf - Dewhitelisted for "powergaming"

Username: wanefaf

Ban reason: "powergaming"
Length of ban: Until i re-apply I guess
Ban Issue:
What I was banned for is not against the rules

Vote Opt-Out: false

Events leading to the ban

I was playing as captain, usual stuff. I took one pair of handcuffs from sec almost roundstart, because space law states that it’s ok for command to have cuffs, also having disabler without cuffs is weird in my opinion. Later in the round I used those cuffs to arrest antag that broke into my office. round ended and I played another round or two. On the next day i’m trying to connect to salamander but i’m told that i’m not whitelisted

Reason the ban should be removed

I believe that happened after rules were changed, current rules say nothing about powergaming.
I was sticking to my role all the time and only used cuffs for self defense (defending my office)
so i’m confused about what I did wrong.

Alternate Accounts

The whitelist and getting dewhitelisted are not handled through ban appeals.
This is not a game ban, and is not something that is appealed as such.

If you have questions about being dewhitelisted. You should open an admin message here on the forums, and you will receive information from either the admin that dewhitelisted you, or another member of the team.

The only way currently to become re-whitelisted is to apply again like everyone else.

Added appeal-rejected and removed appeal-pending