Why did brigmed get removed?

Dont see why it wouldve got removed, I simply dont understand

If you’re on discord here is the thread where it was discussed https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/1103090781184602183

Here is the PR that actually removed it https://github.com/space-wizards/space-station-14/pull/16069

Unfortunately I didn’t follow the situation very closely so I don’t know much about the background or reasoning. Some of the reasons I heard for the removal were that it was overpowered because it had too much available to it compared to other roles and that it discouraged interactions between departments.

I don’t, I was banned without warning

most of why it was killed by what i can see is they have a hardsuit and they have med assic but not cmo as boss

but idk the long feedback thing got to 2k long so yea

Imo it’s unnecessary as HoP can give med access & med can deliver drugs to sec. Unlike paramedic brigmed doesn’t actually have a really unique purpose as a role beyond just being doctor sec