Why my ban was extended

SS14 account:Geser
Discord name:Geser

Byond accound:Geser

Character name:Rafael 

When was the ban: 2022/01/13 6:19 PM  UTC

Server you were playing on when Banned:Lizard

your side of the story: round started that was extended as always i was chems i was innocent i gone to place next to enginnering and got tools in case if anything brakes 

after that i come back to chems when i put tools on table im put everything i need on places after i started to make healing smoke my team mate 

blew up pottasium and i got stuck in wall after 30 seconds there come and admin and repaired everything and i was in wall for 1 min untill admin helped me 

after that i was soo mutch injured i needed to create healing after that i haved ptsd for 1 min when im gone to myself i come to wiki in internet seeiking for other healing and in that moment recearcher come to my door and picklocked it i tryed to get hem out then come another person they was trying to get my second chems mashines i tryed to stop him 

hem wont stop so i let hem do his things appears hem was pottasium bomber too so i tryed to get his pottasium but hem run away and blew up in main room in medbay after that i got another ptsd cuz i was still injured ewen that i was healed before by random medic  so i haved enought and wanted to become pottasium bomber too i got pottasium and water and

at that moment i trought about ban so i was about to stop but another person come and her tryed to stop me that was discord name:Sdimond and i haved pottasium in my hands and water and her showed me so you know what happend i blew up i dont call that accident and i got banned bor 1 day and after that i come to discord and talked about that situation in “General” and after some conversation with other players i sayed that i dont care about 1 day bay when i mean im got banned for reason so i dont talk about unfair ban how admins called:/tmp/moony think about i was  that i was talking how funny that was and how bad situation is 

but z/tmp/moony trought i haved not enought ban so her added to my ban another 3 days to my ban and i dont agree with that because adding to my 1 day ban another 3 day ban just for talking about my ban in discord  because her trought “i was complaining” about my 1 day ban.

why you should cut my ban back to 1 day:because its nonsense  i was talking about my ban not complaining about it unlike moony trought so theres no reason for that +3 days to my ban +3 days to my ban when its 1 day ban are you kidding me even reason for that +3 days to my ban have no power 

extra information: i am playing ss14 for 4 weeks ,every day exept ban days for minimum 5 hours and also i was playing before this 4 weeks like 5 month before for a big time i dont remember exacly the time i played that was like 3 weeks. i was banned before once for actualy for a bad reason saying n word and i stayed in ban for 2-4 days ban. second time i was banned forusing too mutch OOC i stayed in ban for 2 days 

about my not full cahracter name:i forgot it sorry for that but you could asc moony if hem remembers it or check in logs i am having soo mutch shame about not knowing my characters name im just changed second part 3 days ago and i dont remember it

about me: i am wery good player   mainly i am friendly exept to people what ruins my job as RP  not about i hate them its all RP cuz i was playing cargo and there was soo mutch repressurization і am good guy sometimes bad when i antagonist(very rare)

cuz im like once antag at like 4 days or something and also i am ukrainian.

and also when i was trying to kill myself with potasium i wasnt gonna kill anyone i just haved enought so i wanted to kill myself and i was saying about self antaging and sayed i wasnt self antaging but after that i realyzed i was selfantaging and also moony writed this before my conversation about selfantaging

2022-01-13 222122.png

Write a coherent ban appeal and try again. I’m not reading this.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals