Wielding is easy to fix heres how

I considered making a doc but it’d be dumb cos its literally just this.

Instead of wielding mechanics applying from a player action, have them (the effects, the visual change) apply implicitly when one hand is holding a wieldable item and the other hand is empty.


Added space-station-14

I think the clunkyness of having to press the button to wield and unwield is considered a feature by the defenders of wielding though. Its an awful and unfun mechanic as it is and your fix would definitely improve it though.

This is how the PR should have been handled. If someone doesn’t have something in their other hand, then the accuracy goes up, and if they try to dual wield then the accuracy goes down. It is difficult to play security at all due to the PR. Pressing Z no longer bolts, but instead wields, making it take forever to get a gun working even with the original mag the gun came with. Overall it just made combat for sec overly complicated and not fun.

I think the best way to fix wielding is to remove it because It’s clunky and hurts gunplay for everyone