Wizard Den Ban Appeal

Ban reason: Using the term “Retard”
Length of ban: [4320 minutes]
Events leading to the ban: I referred to someone as a “retard” in a previous round, and I was warned for doing so. I do not believe I have said that word since, but I was banned for doing it again.

Reason the ban should be removed: I do not remember saying “retard” since the first warning. If I did, I doubt I meant any harm in it, and either way it seems like an unreasonably long ban. Why not just prevent the word from appearing in chat in the first place? It seems like it would be a better solution to me.

Hi, it looks like your first warning was given on the 20th for a message a few days earlier. This ban was the result of this message which happened around the 25th


Feel free to post any updates or additions to this appeal that you feel are necessary while waiting for someone to process it

Okay that seems familiar now because I was in a nukie round on the 25th, and there was an incident with an axe. I personally don’t think what I said was that big of a deal, since I don’t think I offeneded anyone or caused any harm, so I hope this ban will be shortened or cancelled.

The admin team has decided to keep this ban in place until it expires. Please remember that the use of slurs, including “retard”, is against the rules on our server regardless of if someone informs you that they were offended by it.

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