Yoda Laheyhoo - Banned for breaking lights

SS14 account: YodaLaheyhoo
Character name: Yoda Laheyhoo
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Appeal Only
Reason for Ban: spawning engi for insuls, proceeds to break every light they can find out of boredom and then goes afk.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: The ban reason has everything all mixed up and I’m not sure why I wasn’t asked to clarify before being perma-banned. The story is I started out as engi when the round first started, told some random guy I spawned as engi for the insuls then someone else came and taught me how to build the AME and do solar so we did that. After that I walked around the station for a while before I had to go do something IRL so i disconnected from the server. I came back after a while to all of my things stolen off of my person left completely naked with no ID or anything (this was explained to the admin). I went to the HoP office to get a new ID so I could continue playing the game, however there was no HoP available. I waited for around 5-10 mins for a HoP before being attacked by a chef and having to flee the area. With nothing to my name but a pair of shoes and no HoP in sight I didn’t really have much to do besides just walk around so I went to arrivals and broke a bunch of lights out of boredom before being killed by that chef from earlier.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m honestly not sure why I was banned without being able to clarify the whole situation or defend myself. I’m sorry for breaking the lights and I’ll make sure not to do it in the future but I feel like a permanent ban without any chance to defend myself or explain the situation beforehand is a little overkill for breaking some lights.
Anything else we should know: As I said the ban reason does not make sense as I was doing engi things before going AFK. I broke the lights when I came back from being AFK and was left naked with nothing else to do.


Given how things looked, I cannot say I necessarily blame the banning admin in question for thinking you were up to no good. You made a point to mention that you only went engineering for insuls, and then later in the round you were discovered to be naked and destroying lights. Explanation notwithstanding, it’s not an unfair assumption to make that you were more interested in causing trouble than participating in rounds normally.

That said, if that were the case you likely wouldn’t be here appealing and explaining the situation further. As such, we have decided to accept your appeal under the condition that you still serve some time under a roleban from engineering. This roleban will expire  October 28th, 2022.  This roleban includes any and all engineering roles (Technical Assistant, Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, and Chief Engineer) and also includes any promotion or transfer into said roles.

You will still be able to participate in other roles without additional restriction. If nothing else, this will help you learn other roles on the station and demonstrate that you don’t need to have insuls guaranteed to be crafty.

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