Zionith/cutting cables and repeated griefing as non-antag. Several warnings and a ban for similar behavior

SS14 account: Zionith
Character name: Igno Ramouse
Type of Ban: Perma Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Perma
Reason for Ban: cutting cables and repeated griefing as non-antag. Several warnings and a ban for similar behavior.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: So I played as a sec primarily before clown and had gotten in trouble and a reasonable ban for what I thought would fly as RP and being a corrupt sec and causing people to  get in trouble by spiking their drinks. lol obviously that didn’t land well and I took the week long ban. However,  I have seen clown players do all kinds of ridiculous destructive things and it be considered part of the role, so I thought stealing the wire cutters and cutting power was fine, didn’t get a warning, just straight to a perma ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  I think I did deserve to get the initial ban for being a dick security guard and just being annoying, but as a clown, getting banned for cutting wires without any warning and being PERMA banned seemed a bit steep. I’m not saying I wasn’t being annoying, but I wasn’t killing or hurting anyone, just being a pain in the ass like I assumed clowns could be.  I do feel shitty if it was that big of a pain for other players, I thought it was harmless but have been wrong before obviously.
Anything else we should know: I’m normally not such a nuisance.  I have been banned before for what was considered griefing whenever i spiked players drinks as a sec, so I can’t claim a clean history, but I truly wasn’t trying to troll in a way that I thought was harmful and I do apologies for that and have a better understanding now of what’s considered “in character” for clowns from reading and watching SS13 vids. I think I normally was a pretty good player outside of whenever playing what I perceived as roleplaying a corrupt sec.  I’ll be more in line with what the server allows and not what I  assume can fly.

Hey Zionith,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your ban.

Your ban/note history does not do you any favors and you seem to lack the awareness that you’re playing a game with 64 other players. “Roleplaying as corrupt security” is a poor excuse to spike drinks and in general be a dick in a position of power. You also have a prior ban about three weeks ago for blatantly spacing arrivals as a non-antagonist, so I think you know full well what kind of behavior detracts from the station’s experience already.

This brings me to the subject of this ban, which is you mistakenly thinking that the Clown job gives you a free ticket to grief as much as you want by cutting power in maint. You know the implications of what cutting power in maint does and for some reason you think its okay to do just because you’re the clown. I find this track record of behavior in a short time not indicative that you won’t continue to be a problem if we unban you.

Staff consensus is to  deny this appeal. You may re-appeal in two weeks (09-24-22).

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