Zophero - Head Role Ban for actions as captain

Discord Name : Zophero#9384

Name : Main name is Dokor Viam, old one was Lorenzo (or lazarus) Smith

Ban Time : Notified about it today, probably a week ago max.

Reason for Ban : No ban screen, but mostly for actions as Captain, including going off station with nuke disc to destroy syndicate base.

Server Name : Lizard

My Side : The main point was when I was a captain, I went onto the cargo shuttle with a few other people, brought the nuclear bomb onto the Nuke Ops base, and blew it up. I didnt get an ahelp during or after the round, so I thought I was in the clear. However, I was head role banned without knowing. The way I found out was, after assuming control of Quartermaster (they died,) I got ahelped and learned of the head role ban, and luckily was let off with a warning.

Reason for Unban : I wasn’t informed of the head role ban, and I remember hearing somewhere about a person who blew up the Nuke Ops base, and I thought it would be a fun idea. A lot of this was in my fault, and I will admit it, but I never knew that it would be unprofessional as a captain to do that. I remember hearing that “Dokor Viam is my second favorite captain” and that made me happy. I always thought this was LRP, and that a few jokes as captain could be fit in (like handing out championship belt.)

Extra Notes : I’ve played as captain a lot, and I feel I can be more responsible. I’ve also thought of trying out the lower roles like HoP, researchers, whatnot. I feel I don’t deserve this ban as I was never told that going off-shuttle to kill the Nuke Ops base (and thus, saving the station) was innapropriate for a captain.

Adding here, by “Dokor Viam is my second favorite captain” it gave me a boost that made me want to play more captain, and I thought that I was doing a good job. There was also ample time for an admin to tell me to stop hiding on the cargo ship (around 15 or 10 minutes to my knowledge,) so I thought I wasn’t in trouble.

Your appeal is well-written, but I’m going to be completely honest with you - admin consensus on your roleban is split to say the least.

One thing I want to drill home to you is that as captain, the entire station’s well-being is your utmost responsibility. In terms of station jobs, you are in a position that can literally make or break how a round progresses. You mention that you like to do a few jokes, and that’s fine - handing out championship belts for dumb shenanigans is entirely within the scope of LRP and I don’t think anyone would ever ding you for that. 

However, I’ve noticed on more than several occasions where you’ve gone out of your way to do something because you personally think it’ll be funny, consequences of the situation be damned. I’ve seen you give out various levels of AA to people who ask, but you at least learned from that after seeing it go badly a few times early on. I want to think that you’ll have learned from this as well in terms of how to respond to a nuke op situation, and that fleeing to space should be one of the last options you consider unless the entire station is in disarray and you have no means to defend yourself further.

The Good News™ is your appeal is accepted, insofar as your ban having an end date now instead of it being permanent. We still think you have some growth to do as a player, so your captain/HoS/HoP rolebans will be lifted on 10/27/2022 as long as no other issues arise from your other command roles.

To THAT end, your rolebans on the following roles will be lifted:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Research Director
  • Quartermaster

You are still restricted from being promoted into any kind of role that would equate you to captain/HoS/HoP as we are hesitant to say that you are completely fit for command again with your history in mind. Consider this a trial period where you can prove to everyone that you can be a responsible department head, and bear in mind that you are on thin ice in terms of command role eligibility. Please take this trial period seriously.

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