1Lo1L - Disc Banned for Insinuating servers were ran by Nazis after I got InGame-Banned, banned from this site for not being funny, banned from steam forums for trying to ask about this ban as I got no information I was just sent to the you are banned

Posted October 18, 2021

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SS14 account: 1Lo1L
Character name: (AtTimeOfOffense) Bruce Witherford; Common Handle: Danny Hooker
Type of Ban: It’s… a website, discord permaban, ingame 3Day ban changed to an appeal-only ban for getting mad and insinuating that the server is ran by Nazis…
Date of Ban and Duration: September… 5th?  I beleive it was right before my birthday.
Reason for Ban: 3 Day ban changed to Appeal-only ban for calling us Nazis in the discord
Server you were playing on when banned: WizardsDenLizard
Your side of the story: I got hotbanned for trying to troubleshoot my ban further in the steam forums, no response given just mirror banned because i was already website banned for making a (not) funny second ban appeal, the website ban - this is me being banned for appealing my discord and in-game bans, so then the Discord ban prior to my appeals was for insinuating the server was run by Nazis because I was given an in-game 3day ban because

I spawned in, walked down the hall stepped onto a locker someone was dragging around, was closed inside of said locker, and teleported to a closed off room where I was dying to KPA with no tools or utensils, materials, having just spawned in, nothing I had and nothing in the room could damage the walls.  I destroyed a couple of the generators in that room hoping they would blow open the wall or at least attract attention.   I died, got bored, and left pretty quickly once i saw no one was around me.  I don’t like my immersion broken, so I didn’t Ahelp before leaving, and was banned thusly so for my griefing and leaving behavior.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I waited a really long time before multikeying to make an additional forum account to appeal a such an extensive ban of which the original cause was rather trivial in and of itself.
to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.

Anything else we should know: I have mostly felt witch-hunted since I began playing on these servers, as far back as when there was a user list by account name and mine would appear first, I think perhaps some devs thought i was trolling them or trying to abuse their system to get exposure but this is just my handle and I really, really feel this had a lot of sway in the fact that I seem to have such an ‘extensive history of notes’ in regard to my account.

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Discord account: Your Discord username including the # identifier. eg. 1Lo1L#8231   (for some reason no one can ever use my identifier and I always have to do it on my end, so… idkgl) )
Commonly used names: Other names that you commonly use if your Discord ID is not the same. 1_o1_
Banning admin: Emisse, A discord server admin i cannot recall, Mirrorcult
Ban reason: <Disgruntled about what I felt was an unfair in-game admin resolution, I insinuated some of them were Nazis, again, because I feel like a few key individuals have had it out for me as a ‘streamer’ (when I basically don’t even stream).>
When was the ban: September… 5th?  Right before my Birthday
Your side of the story: <Disgruntled about what I felt was an unfair in-game admin resolution, I insinuated some of them were Nazis, again, because I feel like a few key individuals have had it out for me as a ‘streamer’ (when I basically don’t even stream).>
Why you think you should be unbanned: My ban was fair, the word I was really reaching for here was fascist, and, as the people who run and maintain, moderate the servers, you have every right to run it as fascist as you like, you are, after all, in complete control.  I don’t have to love that, it doesn’t make any of you Nazis and, as most people don’t like/(being compared to) Nazis, and I don’t like to do anything that causes another individual detriment, by my own standards, I should not have said that - somewhat furthermore I have held off on appealing until now, because I felt that it is only right to wait an amount of time that truly inconveniences me.  I have wanted to play SS14 since the Day I realized I was banned,  I wanted to get on the server for halloween, and play funny midis, and I couldn’t, and I want to have a Danny Hooker Christmas.

Anything else we should know: Seriously I don’t want to delve even for a second on my statements of feeling witchhunted, I don’t want to talk about that. I just want it to not happen, I want to pretend it doesn’t happen, and just play the game as I have tried to do thus far.

your appeal is illegible and your ban is unappealable


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