[2023/03/18] Strike against White Dream: falsifying player count on hub

(note: this was handled a month ago. We are making this public retroactively, in the interest of transparency)

We have issued a strike to the server community White Dream for violation of the following Space Wizards Hub Rules:

  • 1.6. Do not send false information to the hub.

White Dream has two strikes remaining before their servers are removed from the server hub. This strike will expire in one year (Thursday, March 17, 2024).


White Dream operates the following game servers listed on the Space Station 14 server

  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/engi: :construction:Белая Мечта Visible — Engi [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/glasio: :wine_glass: Белая Мечта — Glasio
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/grid: :drop_of_blood: Белая Мечта — Grid [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/infinity: :stars: Белая Мечта — Infinity [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/maid: :star: Белая мечта — Maid [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/rake: :electric_plug: Белая Мечта — Socket [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/sosaki: :fire_extinguisher: Белая Мечта — Sosaki [RU][18+]
  • ss14s://ludere.ss14.su/web: :black_heart: Белая Мечта — Closed Party [RU][18+]

We have received player reports of White Dream servers manipulating player count figures reported on the hub. After investigation we were able to confirm multiple examples of manipulated or inconsistent player count figures reported by some of the above listed game servers. We have compared these results against other game servers on the hub to rule out possibility of a wider-spread error.

We have contacted White Dream’s host through Discord and they have stopped manipulating the figures. We were also able to confirm this fact ourselves with our own methods.


(all times in UTC, rounded to 15 minutes unless more detail is necessary)

2023/03/18 ~10:00 : We have contacted White Dream’s host through Discord to notify them of this strike.

2023/03/18 ~18:15 : White Dream’s host confirms receiving strike.

2023/03/19 ~10:00 : White Dream’s host confirms player count manipulation should be gone now.


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