[2023/06/08] RETRACTED - Strike against White Dream: Brigading & defaming other servers

We have issued a strike to the server community White Dream / Белая Мечта for violation of the following Space Wizards Hub Rules:

* 1.1 Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities.

White Dream have one strike remaining before their servers are removed from the server hub. This strike will expire in one year (08/06/2023).

Their previous strike is located at 



In case it was unclear you can find a raid from WD staff and community conducted against Corvax here https://discord.com/channels/891624095630909493/1036242174368550952/1063585140867088504


It was brought to our attention White Dream have several concerning manifestos on their site.





They contain comments claiming Corvax is committing fraud and encourage people not to donate there. Additionally, the 4th topic had a hidden message in bold: “набегать на корвух” / loosely translated to “raid Corvax”.

We discussed this hidden message with them and decided not to pursue further action at the time given we were told it was edited in from a former, banned admin (who was banned prior to us contacting White Dream for unrelated reasons).

We then had several more messages raised with us (see attached) with particular comments outlined below:

From a player:

“I will punch”
“and i dont care what’s happening on 13 or beestation”
“my ddos attacks”
“go through anyway”

From Oleg

In this situation, raids on corvax that are fully from position of our project would be good.

I wont even pretend that i’m against the raids on corvax from us, i dont give a fuck about them.

Money stops flowing - closes the window and goes to make the next Corvax

He has a pyramid scheme, not a server


We have have also attached some translations of the manifestos below.

We contacted White Dream about the above and they have agreed to take action in correcting their community’s behaviour and not to incite further brigading or witchhunting of Corvax.










Well, this is some top-level bullshit.

1**. Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities **.
On all of screenshots provided, as I can guess you’re trying to convince people that they were “harassing” or “brigading” people to raid Corvax. 

Let’s start with the “harassing” part. In manifestos White Dream claim Corvax is commiting fraud. So it’s really known fact in the RU community as I asked, that the lead of Coravax - Morty, gets a lot of money from his project. Counting the amount needed to host the server with such resources, amount of content they are making and the amount he’s paying staff (he almost doesn’t), we can sum that all in a real fraud, considering Corvax is claiming that the money they are getting donated go to development. 

The next part is “brigading”. On all of the photos, there is either out-of-context dialogues, either not brigading, but saying that the staff won’t ban you if you’re raiding other servers. They don’t actually invoke their player to raid it.

So quite unclear why they got this strike, cause all the “proofs” are quite invalid.

Speaking of Corvax. On public channels, Corvax staff freely speak of raiding other servers. Actually the last raid was done just a few days ago on White Dream servers. I don’t see post about strike on them for some reason.
Quoting hub rules: “Breaking some rules will lead to your community receiving one or multiple strikes. After receiving a strike, your community will be removed from the hub until the cause or causes for the strike are resolved.”
So the rule has been broken, there’s a solid proof of them raiding (they said it themself in public channels of their discord, I repeat) but there’s not strike for all that time.


7 minutes ago, BreadCrumbs said:

On public channels, Corvax staff freely speak of raiding other servers. Actually the last raid was done just a few days ago on White Dream servers. I don’t see post about strike on them for some reason.

Send them proof of this and you will. 

Hello, I am one of the White Dream lead administrators.

I would like to point out, that attached screenshots are grossly out-of-context and do not provide full picture on the on-going discussion at the time. When I was provided with said screenshots, I’ve explained each of them and I did provide context. I will not go to the lengths of explaining in detail every single one of them but for example:

Screenshot 2:


Player in Corvax Discord posted full-on crazy conspiracy theory, full of slandering and hostility. My message is direct quote from this message.

Screenshots 3 and 5 are part of the same critique discussion of Corvax. Directly from Sloths’ DMs: “we were discussing, that new players are being vetted into giving money while being abused, so hypothetically, it would be better for new players if corvax is in panic bunker - since new players won’t get this treatment and will be able to play on other player-friendly servers.”

In general, we do believe that presented evidence is insufficient and misleading - and valid critique shouldn’t be treated as brigading or harassment. 

35 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

Send them proof of this and you will. 

We did, 21 pages of proofs. Harassment, brigading, raids and other stuff mentioned. This is another thing that is needed to be pointed out.
If we single out, for example, fourth screenshot and consider it as a legit reasoning for the strike - then why 6 pages from the documentation, that are dedicated solely for the harassment by Corvax staff members, are not being taken into consideration? 

Just look at this. The document got leaked by Corvax. According to message above, it was send to Wizards by White Dream. Yet no strike. Really funny. So I guess WizDen covering up Corvax for some reason.

Here’s the link, since the document is no more private: [Link]

I have updated the post with more of the evidence we had.

This strike has been retracted due to several servers being involved in raids and cover-ups against each other and warnings have been given to the affiliated parties.