[2023/06/28] General update to hub rules

We have updated the Hub Rules. The primary goal here was to rewrite some confusing wording, clarify some things, and make clear how wide the rules apply as far as we’re concerned.

Bigger list of changes (should be everything significant, though I am not a very organized person):

  • Added a ruling that 18+ servers cannot make exemptions for underage players, even if they don’t contain mature elements.
  • Clarified what process we roughly have when we become aware of rule violations: contact hosts first, see if we deem it resolved without the need to hand out a strike, and so on.
  • Give a clear ruling on what we consider a single “community” and thus how far reaching a strike and such is.
  • Clarified that off-hub servers and other places may still be held to some rules if any of your servers are on-hub.
  • Elaborate on whether we decide your community “did something”, e.g. did a staff member do it.
  • Re-organized many of the rules just to make the thing read better. Rules were shuffled around some, so the numbers don’t line up anymore.
  • “Must have contact information” isn’t a rule anymore, it never made sense there. Mention of contact info has been moved into the rule enforcement section since we still need it if there’s an issue.
  • The rule about technical issues (2.3) now also covers issues for players.
  • Clarified when you may ask to be relisted if you reach three strikes.
  • Added notice about rule changes being announced in this forum.
  • Reworded rule about circumventing hub rules to be more clear.

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