[2023/07/03] Strike against Workbench for decompiling White Dream code

We have issued a strike to the server community Workbench for violation of the following Space Wizards Hub Rules:

  • 1.2. Do not attempt anything that is illegal in the United States of America.
    • Specifically, the point about violating server licenses.

This strike will expire at 2024/07/02. They have two strikes remaining before being removed from the server hub.


Workbench staff has, on multiple occasions, decompiled code from the community White Dream and posted it publicly, using it to get digs in against White Dream for various things. In general, it’s mindless drama starting. We’ve repeatedly told them this is not OK, and this has been clearly listed as not something we allow on the hub rules.

This happened again this morning. At around 07:15 UTC a staff member of Workbench once again posted decompiled White Dream code, in private host channels this time. A bunch of drama broke out, and said staff member was removed from these channels are publicly streaming them. Even after being explicitly told that continuing to publish WD code would result in a strike, they continued streaming WD code in their Discord.

We’re putting our foot down here.

Note on security analysis

Allegations were thrown around that White Dream’s code does malicious things, and that this was a justification for the act of decompilation.

For starters, I want to make it clear that if such a security issue were to be present, it should be properly reported to us , not used as an excuse to spread stuff about another server. You are allowed to decompile server code for security analysis reasons if you’re responsible about it. To be clear: no such responsible handling of the situation was done by Workbench.

We also already knew of these security allegations a month ago (I did say this isn’t the first time there has been drama about this), and investigated them back then. We already decided they weren’t an actual security issue in the first place.

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