[2023/08/21] Strike against Apocalypse Station: harassment of community members

We have issued a strike to the server community Apocalypse Station for violation of the following Space Wizards Hub Rules:

  • 1.1. Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities.

Apocalypse Station has two strikes remaining before their servers are removed from the server hub. This strike will expire in one year (21 August 2024).


Apocalypse Station operates the following game server(s) listed on the Space Station 14 server hub:

  • ss14s://apocalypse14.duckdns.org

We received player reports of harassment and spreading rumors about a community member. Upon further investigation we found the attached evidence where staff members were spreading lies and encouraging harassment and doxxing which is not tolerated.

Beanyboi69 is the head administrator and Execute a Project Manager for the server.

Upon contacting them they have agreed to correct their behavior going forward.




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