[2023/09/23] Strike against White Dream: Harassment

We have issued a strike to the server community White Dream for violation of the following Space Wizards Hub Rules:

  • 1.1. Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities.

White Dream has one strike remaining before their servers are removed from the server hub. This strike will expire in one year (Saturday, September 23, 2024).


We have received player reports of White Dream staff have continued inciting harassment against Corvax staff despite a prior warning for brigading other servers in


We have contacted White Dream’s host through Discord and they agreed to correct their behaviour going forward. Oniks also decided to step down of their own accord.

We have included some examples alongside translations below:

why I’m a hypocrite.
I’ve never made a secret of my attitude towards corvax moderation.
You don’t even have people, they’re just parasites who’ve been given power.
and pretend to be useful.


I’ve always said that your moderation, including you, are disgusting sub-humans who should never be given power in the first place. if you had even a modicum of something human, a little self-understanding and pride, you wouldn’t be a corvax moderator as it is now. but you’re still there, you’re still making yourself the “”“law”“”, means you don’t want to change or fix anything in any way.

You can’t exist in this world.
mum’s the bandit