[2023/11/06] Dehubbing of White Dream

We have removed White Dream from the community hub due to accumulating 3 strikes within the past 12 months for violation of the Space Wizards Hub Rules.

Their previous 2 strikes are as follows:




White Dream have accumulated many instances of non-strike incidents and have chosen to continue being a detriment to the SS14 community. Their other incidents include:

  • Their 18+ server Amour was listed on the hub for several weeks and advertised but not marked as 18+ in any form (description or hub tag) against hub rule 1.4. Servers containing mature elements such as erotic roleplay MUST clearly be marked as being 18+.

  • Reported a community member as being a Russian spotter to the Security Service of Ukraine against hub rule 1.1 Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities. We have not linked it here to avoid further harassment from being conducted.

  • They are distributing a cheat launcher against hub rule 2.3. Don’t intentionally cause any sort of technical trouble for other communities, servers, the hub, or players. We asked if they would remove this and they opted to instead continue spreading unfounded rumours about staff.

  • They have spread rumours corvax and our staff members of pedophilia against hub rule 1.1 Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities. We take pedophilia accusations seriously and posting false statements is extremely harmful and not tolerated.

Some of the evidence has been posted below.

Unmarked 18+ server:




Pedophilia rumours:


Translation of the above:

There are paedophiles in Wisden, if you didn’t know.
09/28/2023 7:14 PM
yeah, cp.
09/28/2023 7:14 PM
And I wouldn’t be surprised if they share the cp amongst themselves
09/28/2023 7:13 PM
I personally think wisden’s love for corvax stems from the fact that morty is as degenerate as some of the individuals in wisden


We’ve also addressed some statements announced by White Dream on their server below with translations attached.

> It is forbidden to discuss other Space Station 14 game projects in a negative context according to the rules described here:

This is untrue. The rule as written is: “1.1 Do not harass, bully, brigade, defame, or doxx players, developers, or communities.” Typically our first response is ask the recipient being harassed to either leave the community, or if widespread raise it with their staff. Neither of which would result in a strike. If it is more serious, potentially life-ruining accusations being thrown around without evidence, especially where the police have been involved, e.g. swatting or pedophilia (as was conducted by White Dream) we take a much harsher stance on the matter.

> The Wizdens, aka the Officials, didn’t just let us down - they sabotaged us. For a whole year, almost every month, we fought off childish accusations of “racism”, “harassment” and “brigandising”. Our every word - tested and evaluated under the prism of schizophasia that thrives in skulking Wizdenians. Our every action - ridiculed and then used for further attacks. And we endured.

We receive several reports on White Dream’s behaviour every month. Most of these we investigate and find no evidence of strike behaviour and no further contact is given. In some instances we follow up with White Dream which seemed to become a regular occurrence, both in Oniks’ DMs and also a groupchat with several heads. They asked us to take discussions to Hostbus instead which they decided to use as evidence we did not wish to communicate with them anymore which is untrue.

> We tolerated it when the Wizdens did nothing when our build was decompiled on Arumoon.

This is a lie, we issued a strike to Arumoon over this



We also updated the hub rules to address violating licences of other servers.

> We bitched when it was revealed that Nyanotransen was kicked out of the hub because host Nyano found out and started talking about the fact that there was a paedophile zoophile sitting among the wizdens who still holds his position.

This comment is both false and transphobic (it is well known that the staff member in question uses female pronouns). Nyano staff spread fake rumors after they were dehubbed and Oniks is reversing events to make their lies look better. We tried many, many times to contact them about their community from late 2022 to April 2023 until they were dehubbed. Additionally any further comments from Nyanotrasen trying to harass the staff member will result in legal action being taken by the staff member personally.

> We bitch when the Wizden outright sabotaged our complaints about corvax by reiterating the fact that they are just plain mates and nothing would ever happen to them anyway.

Like how many reports about White Dream did not provide sufficient evidence of a strike, White Dream’s information about Corvax also did not provide sufficient evidence of a strike. Additionally, you also accused another server of violating your wiki license when you were also violating corvax’s wiki license.

You also mostly provided evidence of wrongdoing by other servers as a reactive measure after we contacted you about White Dream’s conduct. In very few instances (e.g. reporting Arumoon as decompiling your closed source fork) did you proactively report incidents without first being contacted about White Dream’s conduct.

>We bitched when the Wizdens started getting leaks from private chat rooms where I discuss the fact that there’s a paedophile amongst them, and they forced* to either ban me or make sure I don’t appear in public.

This is also yet another easily proveable lie from Oniks by applying events out of order. Oniks stepped down on September 10th and this was raised with White Dream 10th of October well after Oniks decided to step down.

> They keep dossiers on every host and use them to explain their “dislike” later. They have my dossier too.

We store evidence for later reference. After we banned a former Project Manager we became much better about keeping receipts as required.

> One of the reasons Nyano was dehubbed was because of a moderator who turned out to be a paedophile. There are practically two pages of dehub dedicated to him, with logs of his posts. He was a moderator on Nyano for less than 45 minutes. Currently, he’s still a moderator on Wizden friendly servers and has plaques in Wizden’s discord. Rane on the other hand is in absolute perma and people get banned for the mere mention of him.

This is another lie, the admin in question has been banned for over 8 months and he was an admin on Nyanotrasen for significantly longer. Nyano made a large number of random people staff members after being contacted about their community (again, before any sort of rumour spreading on their side). We also have not banned anyone for mentioning Rane.

> Wizden has banned half of their contributors. Some of the features that were put into wizden’s code were made by people who are now banned for disagreeing with them. The althub and altlauncher were made by a person who was banned because he asked to stop banning contributors for their opinions.

We have had over 570 contributors and only 11 are banned, ranging from bot accounts to bans for toxicity to porn spammers. Also to address the alt-launcher:

Skye, also goes by she/her pronouns for reference (which you should know), had several incidents where she called devs disgusting or was otherwise abrasive towards community members and after several incidents we ended up banning her from discord.

We made a channel for people to request reviews and to stop continuously pinging maintainers which she called “disgusting”.

We welcome healthy feedback upstream but not everyone can be made happy with every change

Skye accused us of gaslighting when we factually stated we hadn’t received interest from hubbed forks in alt-launchers, which was true at the time (obviously White Dream have expressed interest seeing as they do not wish to engage with the community anymore).

> P.S: metalgearsloth, from the bottom of my heart, I am sending you this song, which encompasses everything I wanted to say to you personally.

Please go touch grass and let people be.