Шпион.#3082 - unknown reason for blocking in the discord, most likely RU nickname :/

Blocking on the official discord server of the game. (Шпион.#3082)

A small digression, I do not know English since I am from Russia, and in English lessons I did anything except study English. In this regard, I use a translator and in case of any typos or stupid expressions (he translated this category as a ban on appeals), I ask you to forgive me.
Also, sorry for this digression, but suddenly the translator will translate something wrong, and you will think what nonsense.

Events leading to the ban:
I do not know the reason for blocking from the word at all. I just wanted to log in to the server, but I didn’t find it in my server list, and when I tried to log in to it, I got the error “you are banned on this server”.
I suspect that I was banned because I had a nickname in Russian, i.e. I probably violated some rule, and because I turned off all notifications from the server, I did not receive a warning.
As I wrote above - I do not know English and translate something only as a last resort because it is long and tedious. I also didn’t study the server for the same reason, although I probably should have translated and studied the server rules :confused:

The reason why the ban should be lifted:
I don’t think that a nickname in Russian is a serious reason for a permanent ban on your discord server. I understand everything, but damn, don’t deprive me of the opportunity to write complaints and ask for coding advice because I didn’t change my nickname to English.
If I am right and I am banned for having a nickname in Russian, please forgive me, I admit my guilt and promise not to allow such stupidity a second time when unblocking.


I forgot to mention a very important point: for all the time on the server, I only asked 1 time in the chat for coders how to solve the sound problem, they answered me there, I answered, in general, for all the time I spent on the server, I only had a conversation with someone 1 time. The conversation is peaceful, simple: question - answer.

The blocking date is also unknown, but it happened between 5.07 and 10.07.


Looking into this, I think what resulted in your ban was you pinging people in multiple channels within a very short period at a time when there was significant disruption in the discord due to game servers being down

This appeal has been accepted

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