58lar85 - its more than 200 characters

Username: 58lar85

Ban reason: its more than 200 characters
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
The ban is fair, but I would like a second chance or reduction

Vote Opt-Out: false

Events leading to the ban

ok so i wanted to take SSD botanists belt to do hydroponics and the admin didnt like that i was told not to but i didnt believe the admin could enforce that rule

Reason the ban should be removed

its been a while, exactly 6 months (ive been waiting)
i cant say im grateful for the ban but i definately took a well needed break from ss14, the game seemed to repetative and boring to me yet i continued playing it which created situations like that
for the voucher of good behaviour ive got 234 hours on ss13 tgstation with only 1 warn for teaching my stupid friend game mechanics in russian

i also have 310 hours on stalker14 and 2 bans, one for camping near a base and the other one for killing someone in safezone and disrespecting an admin, the second ban was appealed because during that time server was added into the hub and there were a lot of new players breaking the rules and the admins were so quick to sentence me that in my eyes they acted irrationally so in the end both me and admin apologized to eachother
if theres any more proof you need im ready to show

Alternate Accounts

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o i just realized that i didnt provide a voucher
Will fix soon

ban reason

stalker 14

i also have 52 hours on frontier and no remarks but i dont think thats sufficient enough
(cleaned it up a lil to put it all in one message, will add vouchers soon)

couldnt get a voucher from tg since headmins are way too busy (playing valorant) and i doubt that stalker14 is an appropriate build to get one