a road block ahead of us

now just so you know this is mostly a rant so be warned i except other opinoins of course anyways please remember that this is my opnion base on my experince in the game

 problem that MUST be solved sooner rather than later this problem all of us have exprinced 
shitters people the don’t play the game how it is meant to and make it worse for other play to play in 
now the most common type is the shitters playing as command roles an ruining the game now when the cap requirements were sky high that wasn’t an issue but after emmise droped the requirements shitter can play captain now which is bad i am not saying we should rise the requirments to unbleiveble numbers but what i am saying is that they should be banned atleast it can ranage from killing a secoff that was fighting a nukie to striaght up arming the nuke because they ‘’ wanted to see how it works’’ now and some shitter will go as far as spacing the entire station with even being antag and then you have the powertriping shitters people that use their acces(command roles) only for the worse of the station which can range from (real btw) sci guy spacemedipening a cap in a spaced room to keep him alive just for the cap to demote him because he injected him with ‘’ poison’’ yeah it’s this bad and now what i fear from is shitter making it into the admin team or even worse adding stuff to the game now a shitter i heard of was a secoff he filled all the batons with plasma why because he was ‘‘testing’’ it or someone in engi letting singlo loose while not even antag because they wanna see it grow yeah this is getting dumber by the second lets stop it here i wanna hear your ideas or even possible suoltions to this IMPORTANT problem and thank you for reading


There’s round replays now, so instead of making vague complaints (without paragraphs) you can directly link to examples of rounds where you see command acting as you say.




This reads like the frantic rant of somebody who’s just gone through a few cases of subpar roleplay on Wizden after being awake for 48 hours.

Not saying that “shitters” do not exist and that they can’t sneak their way into security or command roles. Though what I managed to decipher here makes it seem like you are implying that the recent reduction in time requirements for head roles is turning the game into a cacophony of shit and trolling and that every round is now unplayable. And that the game is going to inevitably fail unless this perceived issue of yours is immediately addressed.

I mean, wow. Here I thought that the 6 TC fast-projectile taser that can twoshot people and comes with 35 rounds and free drip was an issue. But clearly I am a fool.

well as I said it’s my opnion and I don’t want to force it into other people I respect your opnions but all of us have our own exiprince with shitters and in the worst case the game won’t fail it will just end like fortnight but better 

changling it’s not a complaint really it’s just my opnion of shitters from what i have seen and the reasson why i didn’t use a round replay it’s because i don’t remember the number of every round i play and  the round that made me say this is like a month ago but my friend told me i should just post it on forms

(and i know my grammer is crap)

Shitters are always going to be present, it’s unavoidable. The question is how harshly they should be dealt with. And, with several things being removed because of misuse by a select few, where do we draw the line?

The very nature of this game is bad actors have to be managed administratively. There is no realistic way to codify a solution to players who abuse the game’s mechanics or degrade the experience for other players like there is in most other games. I think codifying solutions for problematic behavior works for most scenarios and I think administrators and player culture picks up the rest of the slack.