A Tale of Two Prejudices (Being made a Furry Janitor against my will, and banned for it)

SS14 account: Dremmen
Character name: Guiseppi Calzone
Type of Ban: Claiming I’m underaged or something? It said the game is 16+ and I am well above it
Date of Ban and Duration: 8/23/22 ; Permanent
Reason for Ban: Claiming the server is for those 16+ 
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den, Lizard
Your side of the story:  Some dumb magician kept demanding to get into Sec, I was security. I refused. He turned me into a furry janitor. Then he (I assume he’s an admin). detonated a bomb in Sec, was arrested. I was trying to explain he turned me into a furry janitor, but they accused me of being a furry, put a muzzle on me, then banned me.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  Because I’m clearly the more competent player than whoever let the redditor run wild.
to return, what value do you bring back to the community?   Actual, coherent roleplaying, other than some harry potter fanboy thinking magic is real. Magic is not real, science is real. 
Anything else we should know: This is poorly run if someone is banned when asked what happened to them, and they keep them muzzled, forcing them to keep speaking like a furry.

You were screaming sexual shit aloud. I’m sorry, that’s not competent roleplay.


From Rejected to Ban Appeals